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Horseback riding helps man with COPD

We recently received this story from Don Foreman, of Kent City. 

Don Foreman, though afflicted with COPD, is shown doing what he loves.

Don Foreman, though afflicted with COPD, is shown doing what he loves.

It all began in 1975 when I married a woman with two horses and we bought a hobby farm in northern Kent County. I have been adventerous all my life and love the west. For many years, I have hunted and camped in the mountains of Colorado and the Dakotas. I’ve even crossed the Great Divide on horseback.

In 2010, I was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD).
In March of 2012, we were approached by Sue to board her horses at our barn. Having the horses around again rekindled my urge to ride again. I thought I could handle a quiet, older horse such as a Tennessee Walker or a Morgan.

In the spring of 2013, we were told by Sue’s farrier about a black Morgan mother and daughter for sale. We looked at them, Sue test rode the daughter; liked her way of going and I bought them. All my life I had dreamed of owning a black stallion, and now I had two black mares! After buying a saddle, bridle, boots and saddlebags, I was ready to ride again.

I have two small portable air tanks; each one is good for about two hours, so I put one in each of the saddlebags and off we go when the weather is good.
My doctor has said this is a good form of exercising for me as it helps my breathing and gets me outdoors.
So here I am—an 81-year-old man with COPD, who is back doing what he loves—being outdoors and riding a horse.

So don’t stop living because of age or physical limitations. The moral is, if you think you might like to do something, don’t hesitate to go for it even if others disagree. You only live once.

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