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Sparta man sentenced on child abuse charges

David Joseph Steiger

David Joseph Steiger

The young father charged with fracturing multiple bones in his three-week-old son was sentenced last week to three-and-half to ten years in prison for first-degree child abuse. He pled no contest to the charge.

David Joseph Steiger, 20, of Sparta, was arrested July 3, 2013. His 20-day-old son, Jaxon, was taken to the hospital on June 30 for inconsolable crying, after Steiger had been caring for him. Doctors at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital diagnosed the newborn with 19 broken bones.

Steiger told police that he remembered pushing the baby’s legs until he heard a pop in the left leg. He was reportedly changing the baby’s diaper and said the baby seemed fine after that. He also admitted the baby fell off the couch while he was caring for him. He had no reason for the other injuries, telling authorities he might have caused them but didn’t know because he had blacked out.

Doctors reportedly thought that Jaxon might never crawl. However, recent reports say that Jaxon has recovered from his injuries and is doing well, including crawling.




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