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David Clayton

November 15, 1979 to November 26, 2006

At first your death hurt, but over the 5 years I started to flirt, flirt with the idea that today may not be the worst, as I move on with my life, your death no longer feels like a knife, now I go from feeling like this month is crappy, to just being happy you were even here, you may not have been the best of brothers, but I wouldn’t ask for another, I still wish you were here, so I hold you near and dear, with everything that has happened in the last 5 years, my life is finally clear, so as I sit here today, I say, thank you, my life has only gotten better!! I miss you less, David, with everyday that goes by, but I will never forget about you, I know that is what you would want!

Christine, Jessie,
Shawn, April, LeLand,
Mom, Dad and Tim
Uncle Chuck

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