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Amazing Race at Cannonsburg Ski Area – Curbside if Needed!

Photo from the Traverse City race August 2019.

Racers will experience a woodsy, watery Amazing Race-like event at the Michigan Adventure Race: Cannonsburg Edition on August 15, east of Grand Rapids. Depending on the size of large groups allowed per executive order, the race may switch to “curbside” service. As soon as racers arrive, they can grab their race number, maps, shirt and go! Registration and details at www.miadventurerace.com.

Like the popular Amazing Race on television, teams of one to four will use maps and instructions to search for hidden checkpoints. But unlike the show where participants use planes, trains and automobiles to get around, racers will travel by their own power, running/hiking, biking and paddling, finding as many checkpoints as they can within the time limit.

Racers can pick from a 4-, 7- or 12-hour race. That seems daunting, but teams find a pace that they are comfortable with – often hiking instead of running–and most checkpoints are optional. The 4-hour race does not have the paddle section. For those who have never done an adventure race or used a compass, a free compass and navigation clinic will be offered on Saturday, Aug. 1. Online resources are available for those who can’t attend (takes about 30 minutes to learn to use a compass).

Our charity partner is Camp Anew, a branch of Starlight Ministries, that provides support specifically to children and teens ages 7-17; it is a place where campers will experience the value of gathering with other children who have experienced grief.

For more information about the race and to register, go to www.miadventurerace.com and visit www.facebook.com/miadventurerace to join a growing community of adventure racers.

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