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Arrow of Light Crossover

By Tom Noreen

On April 12, members of Cub Scout Packs 3220 and 3222 plus Scouts BSA Troop 222 met at the Cedar Springs Rod and Gun Club to honor the second year Webelos Scouts who had earned their Arrow of Light and were joining Troop 222. 

Cub Scouts from pack 3220 that crossed over. Back row (L to R): Marcus Caruso, Peonix Spitler. Front Row (L to R): James Harroun, Noah Prowant, Brayden Fletcher, Ethan Hess and JR Tompkins. This photo was taken after the Pinewood Derby. Photo by Dana Hess.

Scoutmaster Craig Pellerito began the ceremony by comparing the Troop and two Packs to the Three Fires confederacy made up of the Michigan  Ojibwa, Odawa, an Potawatomi tribes. They spoke a common language and shared many beliefs and customs. They were a family just as our Packs and Troop are a family celebrating the accomplishments of the Arrow of Light scouts tonight. 

Cub Scouts from pack 3222 that crossed over. Back row (L to R): Logan Redes, Brenden Johnson, John Elam III, Jonathan Greenhoe. Front row (L to R): 
Travis Velting, Gabe Schimm, Ryland Magoon V. Photo by Heidi Walma.

Cubmaster Carl Prowant than told a story about Cub Scouts climbing a mountain with the help of the Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos I Scouts. Each group of Scouts would make it up the mountain a little farther each year until they made it to the top as Arrow of Light Scouts.

Pack 3222 Cubmaster Christi Velting told them, “The Arrow of Light is the highest award in Cub Scouting and only one that a Scout can take with him into a Boy Scout Troop. The arrow leads the way to Boy Scouting and the seven rays of the sun represent the seven days of the week and the seven virtues, which guide the Scouts.”

Chris Stump, Committee Chairman for Pack 3220 then called the Arrow of Light recipients forward and said, “Scouts, you have been called before the Pack because you have satisfied all of the requirements to cross into Boy Scouts. The arrow presented to you represents your unique journey through Cub Scouts.”

Arrow of Light Den Leaders John Elam of Pack 3222 and Tony Caruso of Pack 3220 then presented Arrow of Light Scouts Marcus Caruso, Gabriel Schimm, Brayden Fletcher, Logan Redes, Ethan Hess, Brenden Johnson, Noah Prowant, John Elam III, Justin Tompkins, Travis Velting, Pheonix Spitler, Jonathon Greenhoe, James Harroun, and Ryland Magoon V with their Arrow of Light Plaques.

Scoutmaster Pellerito and Senior Patrol Leader Ben Barber conducted the Crossover ceremony with the help of the other Scouts of Troop 222. As the Arrow of Light Scouts crossed over a bridge, their Cub Scout epaulets and scarves were replaced with Boy Scout epaulets and scarves.  As they reached the other side of the bridge, Troop 222 congratulated them on their accomplishments and welcomed them into the Troop.

There scouts will now begin their journey to the next mountain top as they strive earn the rank of Eagle.

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