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Garden Club celebrates new community flower garden

The Cedar Springs Garden Club is celebrating the completion of the newly designed Community Flower Garden. Located in the center of town, it brightens the daily trip to the Post Office for many citizens.

The garden renovation started last fall after Kristin Perez of Shaner Avenue Nursery designed a new plan that was easier to maintain than the previous garden. The old plants were removed and offered to the public. 

In April of this year, the dolomite path was installed around the Norway Spruce tree with the help of some great volunteers. Six men from the Men’s Bible Study group of Maranatha Baptist Church, plus Mark Millering, Dennis White, Fred White and Calvin Moore provided the muscle power that was needed along with a front end loader and a gas powered compactor. The job was done in less than three hours including snacks and lunch provided by the garden club ladies. It was a lot of work!

Next came the planting of shrubs and perennials in May with the whole garden club and some community volunteers participating. Another day was devoted to mulching which included preparing for the mulch with an underlayment of newspapers. The Cedar Springs Post helped out by providing some old newspapers for the job.

In June the annual beds were planted. Plants were chosen for color and durability. Mulch was recently added to retain moisture and prevent weeds. 

Patricia Moore has been chairman of this beautification project and she expresses gratitude to all of the volunteers and donors. The volunteers include the above mentioned men, Abby Millering, Bev Lane, and Garden Club members Sandy McEwen, Cindy Litwinchuk, Sharon Nielson, Caroline Bartlett, Chris McFarlane, Rose Powell and Colleen White. Thank you to Kristin Perez and Shaner Avenue Nursery, Great Lakes Landscape Supply, City manager Mike Womack and Bill with DPW.

Donations came from individuals, businesses, and garden club members. 

The City of Cedar Springs provided a water source and the dolomite material. Cedar Springs Garden Club donated over 25% of the total cost from it’s own treasury and continue to volunteer their time to water and maintain the garden. 

Thank you to all of the community who provided. We hope it is enjoyed by all. 

A ribbon cutting ceremony is planned at the garden at 7:00 pm on Monday, August 13. Everyone from the community is invited.

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