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City of Wyoming to join Kent County Dispatch Center


GRAND RAPIDS—The Kent County Board of Commissioners voted this week to enter into an agreement for 911 Dispatch for emergency services for the City of Wyoming. The City of Wyoming will now fall under the same agreement with the Kent County Sheriff Department, which provides fire and police dispatch services to other local units of government throughout Kent County.

Currently the Kent County Sheriff Department provides fire and police dispatch services for all local units of government in Kent County, except the cities of Grand Rapids and Wyoming, which are dispatched by the City of Grand Rapids. Wyoming reported just over 28,000 police calls and 5,370 fire calls last year.

Starting July 1, 2016, calls to 911 in the City of Wyoming will be directed to Kent County Dispatch Center.

Dispatchers also monitor the location and time-on-scene for police and fire crews responding to emergencies.

“We are pleased to join so many other public safety organizations in the County that are part of a highly effective dispatch system,” said Wyoming City Manager Curtis Holt. “We believe this move will lead to a more integrated and collaborative emergency communication system countywide. We look forward to working with the very talented Kent County staff over the next few months to ensure a smooth transition.”

The agreement benefits residents by ensuring a larger number of employees in one location, which means more options for scheduling and the ability to shift resources as needed (instead of calling additional employees in on overtime). This partnership will create a “deeper bench” of on-duty employees to assist when one area of the call center experiences higher call volumes.

“Once fully staffed, Kent County Dispatch center will be one of the largest in the State of Michigan, serving over 400,000 people,” said Kent County Sheriff Larry Stelma. “We take pride in our dedicated dispatch staff, who are second-to-none. We look forward to a great partnership with Wyoming.”

The Board will vote later this month on a proposal to add 11 new full-time positions and upgrade three part-time positions to full-time to service the additional workload.

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