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Child rescued from Rogue River

Plainfield Fire warns against anyone getting out on the Rogue River in recent conditions, and said they need assistance from neighboring townships (such as Cannon Twp above) on water rescues. This photo is not related to the child rescue but shows the swiftness of the river. Facebook photo from Plainfield Professional Fire Fighter’s Union Local 3890.

A three-year-old boy was rescued from the Rogue River last Sunday, thanks to some good Samaritans.

According to the Plainfield Fire Department, they were dispatched to a water rescue on the Rogue River, near the Childsdale dam, shortly after 5 p.m. on May 24. The boy had been kayaking with his water when their kayak overturned and they became separated

Austin Angell of Grandville and Halie Peters of Cedar Springs found the missing kayak about an eighth of a mile downriver. The kayak was flipped over, and the boy was trapped underneath it. They turned it upright and rescued the child, who was tangled in some webbing. To their surprise, the child was alert and uninjured. 

“If it wasn’t for their quick actions, the outcome would have been much worse,” wrote the Plainfield Professional Fire Fighter’s Union Local 3890 on their Facebook page. “PFD would like to commend Austin and Halie for their actions. Their willingness to take action saved the child’s life.”

They also said they discourage anyone from boating on the river. “The water is moving very fast and conditions are unpredictable.”

They noted in an earlier post about river conditions that they do not have a water craft and require assistance from neighboring agencies, such as Cannon Township Fire, on water rescues.

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