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Volunteer hosts needed for exchange students

CASE Exchange Student Programs would like to invite you to meet a very special person in 2012! Families in school districts across Michigan are invited to offer their hospitality to a high school age exchange student for the upcoming school year starting in late August.

According to Joann Cooper, the Program’s County Coordinator, families that volunteer early have the opportunity to begin communication with their student before arrival. This early bonding makes it easier for everyone to handle cultural obstacles once the student arrives. “Most of the students feel like they know their host families even before they arrive and are immediately ready to become a participating member of their new host homes – pitching in on everything from household chores to family discussions,” says Cooper.

In particular, the exchange program is seeking a host family for a 16-year-old girl from Vietnam and a 15- year-old boy from Spain. Both students have full medical insurance, pocket money for their personal needs & have expressed a true desire to learn about our American culture from the inside – while living with an American family. “Just imagine homecoming, sporting events, or even that first school bus ride as seen through the eyes of a foreign exchange student.”

Hosts provide room, board and a once in a lifetime opportunity for some lucky foreign teen to live and study in America for a school year. Host families with small or grown children, or no children at all, are eligible to host. A return exchange is not necessary

CASE is a non-profit organization, designated by the US State Dept and maintains full listing in the CSIET Advisory book. For more information call toll free 1 (877) 417-9675 and ask for Joann Cooper, or e-mail: joanncooper48@yahoo.com .

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Gas rises above $4

The price on Wednesday, April 27.

Drivers across the area were stunned Monday when gas prices surged to $4.17—the highest they’ve been since summer 2008, when they hit $4.25 per gallon for regular.
There does not appear to be a shortage, and the rise in price is being blamed on legal speculation. Whatever the reason, drivers are taking steps to minimize the impact on their pocketbook.
Landon Case told us on Facebook that he now lives in Los Angeles, and their price is $4.50. He says he has been using public transportation, and that it would affect how much he travels this summer.
Victoria Gonzalez said her family won’t be going far from home this summer either. A “staycation” and pool parties will be more in line with their budget.
Dan Webb recommended driving more fuel efficient cars, but others noted that they should make them more affordable. Another reader said he donates plasma twice weekly to help pay for gas.
Other readers have noted that they go slower on the expressway to save on fuel.
Several readers told us that they think the government should be doing something to stop the rising prices.
Do you have any hints for drivers? Email us at news@cedarspringspost.com.

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