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Michiganís favorite Halloween candy


Did you know that Michigan’s favorite Halloween candy is candy corn? That’s according to candystore.com, a website that has researched the sales of candy in each state and come up with their top three. From their research, it seems we love our candy corn. Here is what they had to say about it:


“Ok, this is another one I get hate email about. Look, candy corn is a divisive candy. It was ranked #2 in our “Worst Halloween Candy” survey. But people do love it. I am one of those people. We are out there, Agent Scully.

Though the trolls don’t believe me, Mighty Michigan still has a love affair with candy corn. This is the third year in a row. The favorite Christmas candy in Michigan is also reindeer corn, which is the same thing in Xmas colors. It’s obviously a thing up there, like sports disappointment and flammable water.

Michigan consumes over 150 thousand pounds of candy corn around Halloween. Starburst and Skittles come in a respectable second and third.”

Yes, Starbursts are second at 132,000 lbs; and Skittles are third at 72,000 lbs. That’s a LOT of candy!

For more info, visit www.candystore.com/blog.

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