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Track and field camp and meet results

This summer nearly 70 youth from the Cedar Springs area participated in the annual Track and Field camp put on in June by the Varsity coaches and athletes. The camp took place at Red Hawk Stadium and was run through the Cedar Springs Area Parks and Recreation Department.  During the two day camp the youth worked to learn many different track and field events including hurdles, softball throw (mimicking the shot put), standing long jump, relays, starting blocks and more. After they completed their training, the participants put their new skills to task and participated in a meet.

Hershey’s puts on track and field meets around the country and this event was the local one of its kind. The event is held to let the participants explore the sport of track and field, but also to act as a qualifier for a Hershey Track and Field state meet that was held on July 8th at Holt High School. To qualify for the state meet the athletes must win their event during the Cedar Springs Hershey Track and Field meet. They compete in various events based on age and gender. Thanks to all of the participants at this years camp, the high school athletes and coaches that helped instruct them and train them, and the support of their families. The first place finishers from the local meet are as follows:

Boys 9-10: 50 Meter-Dash Kaden Liggett; 100 Meter Dash-Graham Bayin; 200 Meter Dash-Brison Ricker; 400 Meter Dash-Logan Hull; Standing Long Jump-Grant Bisbee; Softball Throw-Brison Ricker; 400 Meter Relay-Kaden Liggett, Grant Bisbee, Graham Bayink, and Tyler Vanderlaan. This relay was 6th at the State Meet.

Girls 9-10: 50 Meter Dash-Morgan Reyers; 100 Meter Dash-Kaleigh Hull; 400 Meter Dash-Reese Gonzales; Standing Long Jump-Isabelle Korody; Softball Throw-Reese Gonzales; 400 Meter Relay-Paige Pierson, Emily Pierson, Tonya Tepin, and Katia Corwin.

Boys 11-12: 100 Meter Dash-Jake Mead; 200 Meter Dash-George Gonzales Jr.; 400 Meter Dash-Evan Lewis; 800 Meter Dash-Christian Holloway; Standing Long Jump-Jake Mead; Softball Throw-George Gonzales Jr.; 400 Meter Relay-George Gonzaeles Jr., Nick Rathemel, Christian Holloway, and Jake Mead. This relay won the State Meet.

Girls 11-12: 100 Meter Dash-Maddie VanDusen; 200 Meter Dash-Tara Tepin-she finished 8th at the State Meet in 31.85; 400 Meter Dash-Alexis Gonzales; 800 Meter Dash-Baylie Vandyke-she finished 3rd at the State Meet in 3:00.85; Standing Long Jump-Grace Dault; Softball Throw-Mariah Alger; Maddie Nichols represented Cedar Springs at the State meet in the softball throw and finished 4th with a throw of 113 ft 5inches; 400 Meter Relay-Grace Dault, Shelby Shotko, Tara Tepin and Baylie Vandyke. This relay finished 2nd at the State Meet.

Boys 13-14: 100 Meter Dash-Luke Dault-he finished 8th at the State Meet with a time of 13.22; 200 Meter Dash-Josh Bray; 800 Meter Dash-Remington Sawade; 1600 Meter Run-Cameron Umphrey-he finished 4th at the State Meet with a time of 5:37.35; Standing Long Jump-Luke Dault-he finished 2nd at the State Meet with a jump of 8 ft.; Softball Throw-Taylor Vandyke-he finished 8th at the State Meet with a throw of 188 ft.; 400 Meter Relay-Luke Dault, Lane Gott, Cameron Umphrey, and Taylor Vandyke. This relay finished 2nd at the State Meet.

Girls 13-14: 800 Meter Dash-Kenzy Hunter.

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FFA leaders begin anew

The 2010-2011 team members ended their year with the 66th annual parent/member banquet on April 25. Hanna Johnson said, “We had a good hog roast and an awesome time.  All FFA members and officers helped to make this banquet happen.” The officers would like to thank all the parents and everyone who attended; they helped a lot, with each bringing a dish to pass and adding their lively conversation and company to the event. While this day did mark the end of the 2010-2011 officer team, it began the life of a hopeful new group.
The FFA officers for the 2011-2012 year have started their year off with an investment in their leadership skills. “It is great to start a new season of leadership with such a great group of young men and women,” remarked club advisor Larry Reyburn. The newly elected officers are President Brent Willett, Vice President Jerry Green, Secretary Kayli DeCanter, Reporter Hanna Johnson, Treasurer Whitney Decker, and Sentinel Charles Nelson.
As a kick off to the new season, the club hosted their spring “Drive Your Tractor to School Day” on April 28.  Despite rainy weather the event was well attended, with 8 tractors and many observers. Each tractor driver was provided with a commemorative t-shirt and roasted hot dogs during school lunch. Thanks go to several local businesses for sponsoring the event; your support is greatly appreciated.
The new officers further developed their team building skills by attending the FFA’s regional leadership camp, held each year at the Shack hotel in Newaygo.  This event is an enjoyable learning experience intended to help new FFA leaders learn to fulfill their office duties and live up to their potential in the FFA. Members will be instructed on the duties of their prospective offices, some key factors in building team relationships, and exciting ways to develop leadership capabilities. Jerry Green expressed his feelings about the trip: “As Vice President, this time will allowed me to get the ground work laid for our group’s activities next year.” The club participates in everything from the Agricultural “Olympics,” to agricultural skill development, and to community service. Kayli DeCanter showed excitement about meeting other chapter officers from all over this part of the state and challenged herself to find new ideas to apply in her Cedar Springs community.
Also the group was selected as the second place team in the only team competition at the event. Mr. Reyburn remarked that this was the best the Cedar Springs officer team had finished in over 2 years.

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Cedar Springs Jazz Band to perform, Kumbayah, Camp Sandy Bottom

Tucked away in the gently forested hills and sunny meadows of northeastern Kent County lies Sandy Bottom Lake and it’s fictional fine arts camp, Camp Sandy Bottom. Come join the Cedar Springs Jazz Band as they celebrate the many talents and eccentricities of this mythical camp in “Kumbayah, Camp Sandy Bottom.”
On Saturday, February 5 at 7:00 p.m. in the High School Auditorium travel back to the seventies and join the members of the Cedar Springs Jazz Band as they re-create those by-gone summer days and nights with songs around the campfire, parent problems, punking your best friend and the first stirrings of teen love. There’ll be tube socks, disco balls, bell-bottoms, an homage to Farah Fawcett’s hair as well as dancing, tumbling, unicycles, water fights and a stunt canoe.
At the heart of all this loopy fun will be the exceptional music of the Cedar Springs Jazz Band under the direction of Robert Robuck performing such seventies standards as: Birdland, Watermelon Man, Pick Up the Pieces, and Chameleon. This year the fundraiser will be enhanced by something completely different; Mr. Shaw and the newly formed Cedar Springs Jr. High Jazz Band.
Will Camp Sandy Bottom lose its lease and close? Who will win the annual dance competition Miss Camp Sandy Bottom Dance Queen? More importantly, will the drummers ever find girlfriends? Join us to see!
Tickets for this fundraiser are only $5 and can be bought at the door or by calling 696-1200 ext. 6133.

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