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Brush fire burns out of control

Wind caused this fire to burn out of control last week. Post photos by J. Reed.

By Judy Reed

Dry and windy conditions caused a brush fire to spread out of control behind a home in Nelson Township last week. 

Cedar Springs Fire was called to the scene behind a home on 18 Mile, just to the east of Hillcrest Community Church, on Friday, March 23. 

According to Fire Chief Marty Fraser, when the fire began to spread, the homeowner attempted to put it out but could not get it under control. Approximately two acres was burned. 

The fire department got it knocked downand then went over the hot spots.

The Michigan DNR had a burning ban out for northern Michigan, and most of the fire departments in the lower peninsula also had a burning ban on for the dry, windy conditions. Anyone in the lower peninsula who wants to burn brush needs to call their local fire department to get a burn permit prior to burning.

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Brush fire chars four acres

Bits of cardboard can be seen floating in the air as smoke and flames encompass the area. Photo by Craig Carter.

The fire burned a path behind area homes along Quarterhorse Drive. Photo by Kim Lemke.

By Judy Reed

A brush fire went out of control Monday afternoon and threatened neighboring homes in Solon Township.

According to Deputy Fire Chief Chris Paige, they got the call about 4:22 p.m. Monday afternoon, March 5, that there was an out of control brush fire at Algoma and Quarterhorse Drive. 

“It was started by a person burning cardboard and the wind picked it up and took into the field,” he explained. 

He said that on arrival, about a quarter acre was burning, but with the wind and dry conditions, it spread to a half acre in about 1-1/2 minutes. 

“The wind played a big factor. When it took off, we had a hard time getting ahead of it,” said Paige.

The blackened field along Quarterhorse Drive after the fire was out. Post photo by J. Reed.

It spread westward along Quarterhorse Drive, burning two empty lots, going behind two homes, and then 2-3 more lots. It also crossed the fence and began to burn a little of the Solon Township’s Velzy Park. Paige said it burned about 3-4 acres in total.

The only damage was to a vinyl fence, and some heat damage to some phone pedestals.

The person burning did not have a burn permit. Paige said that with the dry vegetation and high wind conditions, they shouldn’t have been burning. Anyone with an outside fire 4×4-feet or larger needs to call the fire station to get a burn permit. 

Algoma Fire also assisted at the scene.


Bits of cardboard can be seen floating in the air as smoke and flames encompass the area. Photo by Craig Carter.

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