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We have a winner!

Winner of the Best Lips Contest 2015 is #7 Smurky: Lynn Marion of Cedar Springs

Winner of the Best Lips Contest 2015 is #7 Smurky: Lynn Marion of Cedar Springs

This year’s Best Lips contest was the most controversal yet—due to a technical glitch that made it appear that votes were not being counted.  When we set up the poll at polldaddy.com it had 3 choices for repeat voters 1. Don’t block repeat voting, 2. Block by cookie (safest), and 3. Block by cookie and IP address. We chose #3 to keep someone from voting several times a day from the same home using different accounts, which is how we set it up every year. This caused quite the controversy when voters tried to vote from the same IP address. We were accused of rigging the contest, which we find funny because if we wanted to rig it we’d go back to the old way where WE chose the winners.

We started putting the lips contest online for YOU, the readers, to vote on in 2012. It started out a little slow we only had  282 votes that first year. But it caught on with a vengence the following year with 5,702 votes — we’re still not sure if that was accurate or a glitch. Then last year we had 614 votes but had a problem with the contest not shutting down at 5pm.  This year we had 549 votes but had several people report that it wasn’t counting their votes. We changed the repeat voters setting from #3 to #2, which seemed to fix the problem.

Results from polldaddy.com

Results from polldaddy.com

But with all the controversy, is it time to retire the Best Lips contest? Let us know how you feel by commenting below, or contacting us  by email at news@cedarspringspost.com, or comment on our facebook page and we will determine if it needs to be laid to rest for next year.

Our grand prize winner was #7 Smurky aka Lynn Marion, of Cedar Springs, with 127 votes. She won a $50 gift visa gift card, flowers and candy, compliments of The Cedar Springs POST.

Coming in second was #3-Dainty aka Chorissa Misner, of Cedar Springs with 116 votes.

Coming in third was #2-Sassy aka Brendalynn Eustice, of Byron Center, with 98 votes.

A big thank you to all who participated—those who sent in their lips, and those who voted! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Our grand prize winner may pick up her prizes at The POST, 36 E. Maple St., Cedar Springs on Friday, February 13 between 10am-5pm. Please call 616-696-3655 if you need to make special arrangements for pick up.

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