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City Council Clips

This map shows the 55 acres for the proposed business park at the south end of West Street.

By Judy Reed

City passes resolution to bond for business park improvements

The Cedar Springs City Council passed a resolution last Thursday, November 8, showing their intent to go out for bonds to make improvements to 55-acres of city property at the south end of West Street to develop a business park. 

The bonds would cover the cost of water and sewer extension to the park, as well as the extension of West Street. The cost of the bonds and the improvements is expected to be about $685,000.

Womack said there is no intention to raise property tax rates for the bonds for the business park. “The intent is to take out the bond to complete the project and then repay the bond as financed by the sale of the land to businesses and/or any property taxes generated from those businesses,” he said. 

The location where the Wolverine Skyhawks fly would be part of this development. “They are aware of this proposed development but we will allow them to continue to use the property as long as possible,” said Womack.

For specifics on the business park improvements, see the legal announcement on page 14.

City opts out of allowing retailers to sell cannabis 

The City of Cedar Springs passed an ordinance at their City Council meeting last Thursday, November 8, that opted the city out of allowing commercial marijuana facilities until the state issues their regulations and guidelines. City Manager Mike Womack read a statement at the meeting to clarify why they did it, and noted that once the state comes back with regulations, they can reconsider it. He said that this is largely an issue of zoning and wanting to know what the State intends to do before they figure out how the City can follow the State regulations and also be able to enforce their own zoning regulations. Here is his statement:

“At this time, the City Council is discussing banning commercial marijuana facilities in the City until the State of Michigan issues their regulations regarding the permitting and operation of commercial marijuana sales. Currently, the City has no information from the State regarding how the State permitting process will work or what the State level regulations will be. It is expected that the State of Michigan may not have any regulations or permits allowing commercial marijuana sales in place until December 2019. There is a possibility that no marijuana licenses will be issued for commercial sales anywhere in the State of Michigan until 2020.

Once the State has announced their regulations and permitting process, the City Council plans to review those regulations and consider permitting commercial marijuana operations in the City at that time. At the present time, city staff does not feel that the State of Michigan has issued sufficient information to enable the City to write our own laws that would both follow State law and also preserve our own zoning regulations. Since proposal 1 is an opt-out proposal and not an opt-in proposal, City staff felt it best to recommend opting-out of permitting commercial marijuana facilities until such time as City staff could better inform the City Council about the regulations and systems the State government will be enacting.  Once this information is provided by the State, City staff can then propose a comprehensive, efficient and legally sound commercial marijuana sales ordinance for the Council to consider.

Finally, it is important to note that this proposed local ordinance is only to prohibit commercial sales and that all other rights granted under proposal 1 remain intact in the City. It is not the wish nor desire of the City Council or any member of the City government to in any way impugn or challenge any of these other rights.”

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