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American Legion Auxiliary donate backpacks for back to school


Pictured are (left to right) Tricia Schenefield; Beth Whaley; Auxiliary Unit President Deborah Chambers; Miranda Latimer; Auxiliary Unit Education Chairman Mary Anne Yuncker; and Carol Franz.

School recently started again, and the need for school supplies is expensive. For students and families who have a hard time affording the required items, the American Legion Auxiliary Unit #287 was there to help. The Auxiliary provided 50 backpacks filled with school supplies to the Cedar Springs elementary schools.  The bags were presented to the school principals at the August School Board meeting and divided between the schools.

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Facts and myths about germs at school

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(StatePoint) Everybody seems to have an opinion about germs — what causes them, where they’re located, how to avoid them — especially when it comes to children.

Experts say that American children miss 22 million days of school annually due to colds, flu and other infections.

“Avoiding germs at schools isn’t as simple as just washing your hands in the bathroom or sneezing into your sleeve,” says Charles Gerba, Ph.D., professor of microbiology and environmental sciences at the University of Arizona. “Germs are on everything kids touch in the classroom, as well as around the hallways, cafeteria and playground.”

With this in mind, it is important to separate facts from myths about germs in schools.

• Fact: Desks Are Among the Most Germ-Prone Items. It’s true! Students spend most of the day at their desks — sneezes, coughs and all — and, in some schools, they often switch classrooms and share desks with others. At the end of the day, students bring home that cocktail of germs to their families.

• Myth: Any Hand Sanitizer Will Do. According to research from the University of Colorado at Boulder, people carry an average of 3,200 bacteria on their hands. While most hand sanitizers are 99.9 percent effective at killing germs, some only last for a few minutes or until the application dries on the skin. Therefore, parents should consider applying hand sanitizers for their children that last throughout the day, such as Zoono’s GermFree24, which is proven to last for 24 hours on skin and is available as both a foam and a spray.

• Fact: Germs Can Affect Kids Outside the Classroom. Germs in schools aren’t just isolated to classrooms. They are everywhere, including cafeteria trays, playground jungle gyms and sports equipment. In fact, the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine found 63 percent of gym equipment is contaminated with rhinovirus, which causes the common cold. Reminding children to wash their hands before and after using these items (and wiping them down) will go a long way toward preventing sickness.

• Myth: Sticking Things in Your Mouth is Child’s Play. Sure, curiosity might drive preschoolers to stick items in their mouths that don’t belong. However, older students who nervously chew on pen caps, especially ones they borrow from classmates, or on their own fingernails during tough tests, are susceptible to picking up the germs that are traversing through school.

• Fact: Backpacks Carry More Than Just Books. Backpacks go everywhere — to classrooms, inside lockers, in the cafeteria, in locker rooms — and collect various germs throughout the day. Periodically clean backpacks inside and out. And make sure lunches and other food items, as well as gym clothes, are packed in separate bags to avoid cross-contamination of germs.

• Myth: Sharing is Always Caring. Just about every school supply — from pens and pencils to headphones to sport jerseys — can be a vehicle for harmful bacteria. Make sure children are armed with their own items, including mechanical pencils to avoid using the classroom’s pencil sharpener, and avoid sharing their supplies with classmates.

When it comes to germs, separating myths from facts can help you have a happier, healthier school year.

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Thank You

csps-backpacksBeach Elementary Students accept donated backpacks

Beach Elementary Students accept donated backpacks from Representative Afendoulis and Ms. Ruth from AT&T.  THANK YOU!!

csps-lakemichigancuLake Michigan Credit Union donates school supplies

A huge THANK YOU from Cedar View Elementary to Lake Michigan Credit Union for donating 19 bags of school supplies to our school! Thank you for your support.

csps-spartamooselodgeSparta Moose Lodge donates school supplies to 6th graders

Red Hawk students wish to thank the Sparta Moose Lodge for their generous school supply donation. Patti Peterson, the person in charge of this fund raising event contacted the school to see what kind of supplies Red Hawk 6th graders needed most. She collected money and purchased some much needed supplies (folders, pencils, binders, paper, erasers, etc); then dropped them off at the front door!! Thanks to all who donated to the cause and to the Sparta Moose Lodge. Our 6th grade Red Hawks are grateful!

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Library awards backpacks to readers

Rabeka Reeves was one of four readers that won backpacks for reading during August.

Rabeka Reeves was one of four readers that won backpacks for reading during August.

After the great summer reading outreach, the Cedar Springs Library gave students an opportunity  to read for a chance to win one of four backpacks filled with school supplies.

They had 21 students read. They turned in 104 tickets, each representing 2.5 hours of reading or 260 hours. The students who won are:  Rabeka Reeves, Benson Vides, Siena Vides and Ashleigh Tanis.


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Food pantry distributes backpacks to kids

Ally Krakowski (right) and sister Abby dropping off the proceeds from Ally’s Charity Bazaar for North Kent Community Services.

Ally Krakowski (right) and sister Abby dropping off the proceeds from Ally’s Charity Bazaar for North Kent Community Services.

From North Kent Community Services


“I can’t believe it. They’ve done it again,” says Claire Guisfredi, Executive Director of North Kent Community Services (NKCS). She was looking at the rows and rows of backpacks, all lined up on tables and stuffed with school supplies, ready for distribution. “Do you know what are the two best things about this community? People step up when there’s a need and they do so without seeking recognition,” she said.

A month before, those tables were empty. NKCS sent out the appeal for school supplies and the community stepped up in droves. “It wasn’t just mothers shopping for their own children who responded,” says Claire. “Business owners and physicians took up collections at their offices, children bought supplies with their own allowances, grandparents saw the sign on the marquee and also helped. We even received checks from the farthest regions of our county, such as Kent City.”

One enterprising 5th grader at Our Lady of Consolation School, Ally Krakowski, initiated a Charity Bazaar. She sold craft items, baked goods and lemonade with the proceeds going to NKCS. She stopped by with her mom, sisters, and a check for $40.31.

More than 450 children in grades K-8 all over northern Kent County picked up a backpack, ready to begin the rigors of school with the necessary supplies. “I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this help,” said one mother of two daughters. “My husband has been off work for six months now and it’s been tough. I’m cleaning houses to earn some money, but we don’t have enough for all the school supplies my girls need.”

The backpack distribution was a community effort, involving not just donors but volunteers led by Daryl Nederveld. They organized all of the backpacks and spent hours sorting and stuffing. The Tri-County Junior Eagles were one of the groups that helped with distribution.

“Thank you to the communities of Cedar Springs, Sparta, Rockford, Belmont, Kent City, Sand Lake, Greenville, Belding, Gowen, Casnovia, Comstock Park, Ada, Cannonsburg, and Parnell for stepping up to the plate,” Claire said. “We could not do it without you. Literally.”

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