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Anatomy and physiology class visits Mary Free Bed

On May 3, Mr. Verwey’s high school Anatomy & Physiology class had an opportunity to visit Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. While learning about the mission of Mary Free Bed and the services they provide their patients, students were also granted a guided tour of the adult inpatient rehab gym and had an opportunity to explore and ask questions about the various occupational opportunities at the hospital. Many of the students taking the human anatomy course are interested in pursuing careers related to medicine, including nursing and physical therapy. The goal of this visit was to not only allow the students already interested in these fields to further investigate them, but also to learn about other fields, such as recreational and speech therapies, provided by the hospital that they might not be aware of. It also gave those students who were not sure about a career in medicine another opportunity to explore their future job options.

Additional to learning about careers, the students also realized what a patient at Mary Free Bed might have to go through to adjust to a new way of life. The tour of the hospital included a stop at their indoor grocery store, where patients relearn how to handle objects, negotiate obstacles, and deal with money. The students also saw the model apartments and indoor car within the inpatient gym, all set up to help patients readjust to everyday life activities. Many of the students commented on how they had not realized how many small details in their everyday life might have to be relearned following an accident or due to a disorder.

Overall, students valued the experience for not only witnessing the challenges to rehabilitation, but also for learning about the services provided by Mary Free Bed and the various job opportunities at the hospital.

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