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Department Officers attend Early Bird Dinner at Post 287

N-Early-bird-dinner-American-Legion-webBy LoraLee Nauta


On January 4, 2014, The American Legion, Glen Hill Post #287 hosted their annual Early Bird dinner.

They enjoyed a great dinner catered by Kelly’s, and had a wonderful turn out even with the weather not being so great.

Department Commander Raymond Moore and Detachment Commander Mike Boughner attended, along with Department Auxiliary President Sandra Synder and Honorary Auxiliary Junior President Alyssa Champion. Each of them spoke on how the year is going so far, about their goals, membership and special projects. It looks like it will be a successful year for all the groups.

After their speeches, Post #287 presented the Department officers with their Red Flannels.  The #287 Juniors followed this tradition by assisting the officers in doing the Chicken Dance.  It was a fun and exciting evening for all.






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American Legion to welcome state officers

By Rick A Knapp Jr. 


As the new year begins, American Legion Glen Hill Post 287 is busy with the arrival of American Legion State Officers to Cedar Springs.

Delegates to the Michigan American Legion State Convention held in Sault Ste. Marie elected Ray Moore, of the Jackson-Koster-Gray American Legion Post 300, in Lake City, as the 2013-2014 State Commander. Commander Moore is a 10-plus years member.

At the same convention, the American Legion Auxiliary delegates elected Sandra Snyder as the 2013-2014 State President. President Snyder is a 10-plus years member of her unit and her eligibility through her husband.

As a special treat, American Legion Auxiliary Junior Honorary Department President Alyssa Champion will also be attending.

Delegates to the Sons of the American Legion State Convention held in Grand Haven, on Sunday, June 9, 2013, elected Mike Boughner of the Charlton/Polan Sons of the American Legion Squadron 233 in Lake Orion as the 2013-2014 State Commander. He gained his eligibility through his father, a Vietnam War Veteran serving in the United States Army.

All will be at the American Legion’s Early Bird Dinner on Saturday, January 4, 2014. They will be telling of how their year is going and will be receiving Red Flannels and parading them around the post and dancing to the Chicken Dance song.

For more information check out michiganlegion.org and glenhillpost287.org or on Facebook: American Legion Glen Hill Post 287 Official.


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