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I was a little shocked to see the article my daughter, Lois, put in her newspaper, The Post, regarding my 90th birthday.

I have received over 70 wonderful and heartwarming cards and notes from old friends and well-wishers of which many that I don’t even know!

It made my birthday very “Happy” and special this year. Thank you all!

Alice Allen

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Alice Allen is turning 90!

July is here! It’s hot! It’s also the month my mother was born in 1930. Alice Allen, co-founder of the Cedar Springs Post helped me when I took over operations by working for free, laying out the paper and screening photos in the very beginning when I couldn’t afford a staff.

Over thirty years later, The Post is still here thanks to her efforts to get it up and running.

She doesn’t want a party, so I tried to think of how to honor her on her 90th birthday that she would enjoy. She has no television, but she loves to read and is one of the Cedar Springs Library’s best customers. Just ask Donna (Clark), she’ll tell you.

I know she loves getting cards in the mail. Not email, ‘cause she doesn’t have one, or the internet. I know it takes more time and trouble to send an actual non-virtual card now a days, but that makes them even more special to the recipient.

Her birthday is on the 18th of July. It would mean the world to her if our Post “community” would show their appreciation for this great little local paper by sending her a birthday card.

You’ve got time, so don’t delay! Please send to: Alice Allen, 8860 16 Mile Rd.,   Cedar Springs, MI 49319.

Thanks so much!

Lois Allen

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Happy Birthday

C-Birthday-Alice-AllenFounder of The POST
Alice Allen

July 18, 2013

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