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Comment Guidelines

We welcome your opinions and encourage you to comment on stories. We would hope that posters would strive to be respectful of each other, and that discussions are productive.

We understand, however, that not everyone will agree with each other, and some strong feelings may be expressed. There is a big difference, though, between having an opinion some may find offensive (which will be allowed) and being verbally abusive.

We reserve the right to remove comments including these types of specific information or language:

– Libel. In general terms, that means a comment that includes a false statement of fact that actually harms a person’s reputation (as opposed to insulting or offending them). For answers to some frequently asked questions about libel, click here to visit the Media Law Resource Center

– Sexually explicit or crude sexual comments about someone.

– Threatening statements or statements that suggests violent acts against someone.

– Crude comments about a child.

– Swearing or obscenity.

– Derogatory phrases to define a group of people.

– Nasty name-calling (language such as “moron” and “white trash.”)

If the number of unacceptable comments gets out of control on a story, we may turn off commenting on that item.

Users who continue to make unacceptable comments may be banned.



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