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The master artist

Pastor Darryl Miller

Sand Lake/South Ensley Churches

South Ensley United Methodist Church Address: 13600 Cypress Ave., Sand Lake Phone: (616) 636-5659

I have to admit that I love this time of year. I know that some will say I am crazy and wish that summer would last forever but I am a solid autumn guy. I love the weather; a campfire feels good and it’s not so hot that you need to sit far away from it. Most of all, I love the changes. Yes, those of you who know me know that I am blind, but I still remember the lake that I grew up on. It was ringed with every kind of tree that meant in the fall every different color would explode all around the lake. Brilliant reds, bright yellows, oranges, and so on. The thing that made it even better was seeing the trees at sunset. There is something special about a fall sunset. The colors seem almost painted. Moreover, they are, painted by the hand of a master artist—God paints them. 

One thing that far too many of us forget is that we, too, are artists. We were made in the image of God the creator: “God created humanity in God’s own image, in the divine image God created them, male and female God created them.” Genesis 1:27 CEB.

This includes the creativity of the Creator. We have been made with the imagination and creativity of God. Unfortunately, some will use this imagination and creativity to harm others and towards evil purposes, but God intends for us to use them to honor and glorify God. He has given us skills, but some will think that their skills are inadequate or not as good as others are. We need to remember though that we shouldn’t use these skills to impress humans, but instead to glorify and please God the Creator. This puts things in a completely different perspective. God gave us the gift of creativity: “The Lord has filled him with the divine spirit that will give him skill, ability, and knowledge for every kind of work. He will be able to create designs, do metalwork in gold, silver, and copper, cut stones for setting, carve wood, do every kind of creative work,” Exodus 35:31-33 CEB.

When you see a beautiful sunset and you paint it, paint it as a tribute to God. When you sing in church, give it your best, not for others but for God. He will be pleased if you do! 

Should you feel that your ability is not worthy, let me share a saying that I have kept all my life… God does not ask for perfection, only willingness. In God’s eyes, you are precious and so is everything you do to glorify Him. Use the creativity that God had given you freely and with joy!

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