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Whose sleeping in my backyard?

By Judy Reed

We see a lot of squirrels in the City of Cedar Springs, and once in awhile see a rabbit or two hopping around the yard or flower gardens. But what Jessica and Joe Williams discovered in their fenced in backyard surprised them. 

They noticed that a hole they had seen a couple of days prior, near their sidewalk, now looked to be filled with debris. They pulled back the top and found four baby bunnies snuggled together in the hole.

“They are so cute,” said Jessica.

According to the Michigan DNR, cottontail’s prefer areas with ample vegetation and hiding places such as brush piles and thickets. Summertime foods include grasses, clover, and garden vegetables.

They can have up to three litters in a year, and can breed at 2-3 months old.

Baby rabbits are born about a month later with little hair and their eyes closed. A cottontail’s litter is usually 3 to 8 babies. The mother only visits her nest once or twice a day to nurse her young. After about three weeks the young rabbits are weaned and on their own.

Thank you to the Williams for our dose of cuteness for the day!

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