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Steve wasn’t a formal kind of guy, so I’ll dispense with the usual obituary-speak. Mention his name in any of the places he spent time (Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs, Howard City, Lakeview, Coral and Mackinac Island) and the response will be pretty much the same: “Great guy!,” “So generous,” “Animal lover,” “Good son,” “Best teacher I ever had,” “Loved a good laugh.” He was all those things and much more. He was eccentric, different, interesting, honest, and one of the most curious and questioning people around. He was unconcerned about following the acceptable ‘norms’ of society. He dressed the way he chose, and didn’t care who stared. He lived the life he wanted, and who wouldn’t envy that? He befriended the Amish people up north and would drive the youngest children to their schoolhouse so they wouldn’t have to walk miles in the morning darkness on country roads. He was always available to drive his Amish friends when needed, and when he was younger and stronger, he worked side by side with them to help build or repair their homes and barns. He frequently said he ‘loved their gentleness.’ His students in Cedar Springs will tell of wonderful adventures that their teacher, Mr. Horowitz, provided them. He’d rent a bus and take them to Chicago or Mackinac Island. He brought them to their local cemetery and taught about the history of their town and the people who came before. He’d bring them to his own home and teach them about his gardens and the responsibility of respecting and caring for animals. He would buggy up his beloved horse Isabel, and proudly march in the yearly Red Flannel Parades in Cedar Springs. His mom, June, would frequently come to school and do magic for the class. Steve would rescue any creature he could: chickens, ducks, goats, geese, turkeys, cats, ferrets and an occasional raccoon or opossum if they happened by. And then there were the bunnies! At one point, he had two fallow deer fenced on his property. There were many rescued dogs: Zeus, Ak Shav, Ludington and Bear – and sweet Hydie who was with him every day and everywhere. The basics? He was one of two sons adopted by June and Sam Horowitz. He went to Sunday school and taught there later on. He went to WMU. He moved to Cedar and began a quarter century of teaching grade school. Eventually he taught a second generation of kids! He leaves cousins and friends and former students and assorted strangers to whom he handed $2 bills freely – thanking them for being good drivers or being friendly or kind. Steven Abe Horowitz will be remembered with loving smiles and joyous stories by all who knew him. Let’s honor his memory by being as loving, caring, kind and generous as he was. And maybe – just a little bit ‘different.’

If you feel the need to make a donation to honor Steve, any animal/dog/cat/farm no-kill shelter would be lovely.

Phyllis Horowitz

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