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Our Father in heaven

Pastor Jon Huizenga

Sunday Meetings at Middle School, 10:00 am.

Cedar Springs Middle School

4873 16 Mile Rd NE, Cedar Springs

Hi neighbors!

I read a book on the Lord’s Prayer. (And I would tell you what book it was if I could remember! Ask me in a day or two.) In the book, the author gave some wonderful thoughts about the opening words of the prayer, “Our Father in Heaven”

To quote the Bible directly, Jesus said to his disciples:  “This, then, is how you should pray:

‘Our Father in heaven…’”

The book I read suggested we think about those words this way:

OUR – He is not my father only, or yours, he is ours.

FATHER – Because he is a good father, he cares.

IN HEAVEN – Because he is our father in heaven, he can.

So, when you pray to “our father in heaven” you can think:




I find that just thinking these introductory words solves most of the problems I am bringing to God when I set out to pray.

Sometimes I’m upset about a relationship, and God reminds me that he is not only my father, but that other person’s father too.

Sometimes I wonder if he notices or cares; he reminds me that he does.

Sometimes I wonder if he is able to handle the problem I am bringing; he absolutely can. 




What is bothering you today? Try out this prayer opening and see where thinking of God that way takes you. It’s how Jesus taught us to pray.

May God bless you today!

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