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Goodbye Mr. Horowitz

Steve Horowitz with his horse, Isabel.

by Lois Allen

The heartbeat of Red Flannel Country skipped a beat with the passing of one of its most infamous residents, Steve Horowitz. It was unforeseen and unexpected.

Steve’s infectious enthusiasm was contagious. He approached life with a passion.  A Grand Rapids native, he furthered his education at Western Michigan University, eventually landing a teaching job at Cedar Springs schools. For two and a half decades, until his retirement, his passion for teaching was great. He educated literally hundreds of Cedar Springs children. His unconventional style for teaching made learning fun. His students loved him and many others wanted to be in his class. And it seemed that he remembered every single one of them. You couldn’t walk down Main Street without someone honking their horn in greeting with a wave for their former teacher. And he would know exactly who it was! “That’s so-and-so…They were in my class,” he’d say.

Adopted as a baby to a Jewish family, he was raised Jewish but ultimately embraced the Amish Community in his later years.

He adopted Cedar Springs as his—the people, the town, and all things Cedar Springs. Steve enjoyed nature and the beauty of it, which kept him trekking up to Mackinaw Island where he spent much of his time in the summer. He would write down and memorize all the people he encountered there. He never forgot your name. He would see the “special” part of you, and you would truly feel special when you were with him, because to Steve, you were.

You couldn’t know Steve without the experience of his hugs. Big hugs! After one, the faint smell of his aftershave would linger reminding you throughout the day that you had gotten a Horowitz hug. This reporter has had many Horowitz hugs and I could use one right now.

Steve made national headlines when he displayed a huge sign in his front yard asking for “Wife Wanted” which was featured in the Rockford Squire, The Cedar Springs Post, on Good Morning America and other news networks. Although he never found a wife, he had many friendships with women, as well as guys, but the longest relationship he had with a female was with his horse, Isabel. Don’t know the story on how this city-slicker ended up with a horse, but it’s not surprising as he was a bonified rescuer of animals in need. He was dedicated to her until the end of her horse life at a staggering 35 years old.

He kept Isabel while he resided in the big blue house on the hill next to Cedar Springs Public Schools. After she died, he sold the home, which was ultimately torn down. Later, he purchased the old school house in Coral where he lived with his many rescues. Len Allington and his wife, Kim, long-time friends, took those rescues and will do their best to find loving forever homes for them. Allington is also in the process, along with volunteers, to mount a special memorial event for him here in Cedar Springs.

Steve also founded the Horowitzonion Institute. Not sure what that is, but you can always Google it and see! One never needed TicTok when around him. He was one big, long TicTok video wherever he went. He was civic minded and would fight for causes he believed in.  This reporter accompanied him to many protests and fundraising events, and if he was there, it was a party! Steve had a great heart and worked every day to make the world around him a little better. 

His perpetual kindness affected others in a big way and will be a great loss (click here to read story).

He sent me a special text when my mother passed away, and it meant a lot to me. Click here to read.

Steve Abe Horowitz touched so many people in such a big way. The fact that he will never know how much is sad. It’s sad that he never really knew…

Read more about Steve Horowitz in his obituary, click here to view.

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