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More Santa jokes

What do you get if Santa comes down the chimney while the fire is still burning?

Crisp Kringle!

Why does St. Nicholas have a white beard?

So he can hide at the North Pole!

What do you call Santa when he has no money?

Saint “Nickel”-less!

What smells most in a chimney?

Santa’s nose!

What does Kris Kringle like to get when he goes to the donut shop?

A jolly roll!

What do you call someone who doesn’t believe in Father Christmas?

A rebel without a Claus!

What is invisible but smells like milk and cookies?

Kris Kringle burps!

What did Santa get when he crossed a woodpecker with kleenex?

Rapping paper!

What does Santa like to have for breakfast?


Why does Santa take presents to children around the world?

Because the presents won’t take themselves!

What does Santa use when he goes fishing?

His north pole!

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