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Village president is not acquitted of charges

Kent County v Mollie McClellan

Village President Mollie McClellan was charged with a felony by Kent County prosecutor’s office for violating Michigan Election Law. McClellan was charged with a felony for signing the petition to recall Rachel Gokey—once under her legal name (McClellan) and once under her husband’s last name (Doerr).

The case was not dismissed against McClellan for lack of evidence or because it was unwinnable. Technically McClellan didn’t enter a guilty plea. However, she had to admit to guilt to take part in a pre-trial diversion program. If McClellan complies with the conditions of the program, the offense will eventually be removed from her criminal record.

By Michigan law, the petition form itself states “A person who knowingly signs a petition more than once, or signs a name other than his or her own name is violating the provisions of the Michigan election law.”

The law also states “(10) an individual shall not sign a petition with multiple names. An individual who violates this subsection is guilty of a felony” (emphasis added).

The law is clear. McClellan signed the petition under multiple names and is guilty of a felony, even if it will not ultimately remain on her criminal record.

If you look at sample forms online, the warning against signing twice is displayed very prominently.

One can only assume McClellan intentionally signed the petition twice for the purpose of adding to the signature count necessary to recall Gokey. Apparently, the Kent County prosecutor agreed, and McClellan, herself, admitted her guilt so she could take part in the pretrial diversion program.

There is a provision in Michigan law that says a person convicted of a felony cannot hold public

office if “…the conviction was related to the person’s official capacity while the person was

holding an elective office…”

Someone who is willing to commit election fraud should not be serving as a public official. The residents of the Village need to call for her resignation!

Tracy Quinlan, Village of Sand Lake

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