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An Open door

Solid Rock Worship Center

Pastor Bobby Gray

11862 Shaner Avenue NE, Cedar Springs

“Behold I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it.” Revelation 3:8

Instead of a hindrance to the spread of the gospel, the post-Covid conditions in our world present a mighty challenge—an opportunity to the church for evangelism.

While some ministry opportunities seem to be permanently closed and still others on pause for this current season, there is an open door to preach the gospel all over the world today as never before.

The lessons learned in 2020’s solitary confinement are powerful and practical. The resilience and ingenuity of God’s people have been put on high display for all the world to witness. God is preparing His Church for an unprecedented revival and outpouring of His Spirit.

Truly, “The fields are white, ready for harvest!” and we each must stand ready to partner with God in these final days. There are untold multitudes, all waiting for the Church to arise from her complacency and swing into action.

As the results of Covid are viewed, we see millions who are left hurting in mind, soul, and body.

After going through sorrows, oppressions, and deprivations, many proud hearts are broken; many eyes are filled with tears of sorrow at the loss of family, jobs, peace, and security; their hearts and minds are troubled and perplexed, they were like drowning men needing a rope. They are in desperate need of more than just food, clothing, and a milky 20-minute sermonette on Sunday.

They need a Church that knows God as Paul did, “in the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings…”

They want an anointed, powerful, lively, and thriving church that (through consecration) is “being made conformable” to the Image and character of Christ. Church services where the Spirit moves in jarring and wonderful ways.

In this new post-covid world, entry-level Christianity doesn’t cut it–if it ever did.

False unity, where members “agree to disagree,” or “agree to not talk about it” doesn’t cut it.

Only genuine Acts 1 unity brings down the power of God, not the band, or the lights. Only stepping beyond ankle-deep waters will work.

There are countless numbers whose spirits are crushed by uncertainty, sin, crime and who need the uplift and comfort which only the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring to them.

Lord, help us to see the need and move with bravery, courage, and anointing to walk through… an open door.

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