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Windless whistleblowing

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I live in the Village of Sand Lake, with my father, Nile Hayden. I’d like to make a statement on his behalf.

The Cedar Springs Post has three articles, published in print and online on April 1st, 2nd, and 8th, about the Open Meetings Act lawsuit. All three articles mention a phone call from an automatic speakerphone from my father to Ms. Gokey, allowing her to overhear “the entire conversation” between my father and a Michigan State Trooper. Ms. Gokey stated, my father “implicitly or explicitly admitted the truth of the assertions, that he had met with Council Members in violation of OMA, and that he wanted to know who told.”

It’s impossible for that phone call to have happened, Ms. Gokey. 

The security system, that is supported by the company SimpliSafe. was put in for my mother, who suffers from dementia. My father and family have been using this system for years to monitor the house. Father uses it everyday. The doorbell is a receiver of information. It cannot broadcast or receive except at the doorstep. If the system is breached while “active,” the SimpliSafe team calls my father first, if he doesn’t respond, SimpliSafe is to call the County Sheriff. That’s how my father’s list worked. It also sets off an alarm that turns into a siren. The security system doesn’t dial, it has a wireless contact to SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe would only call my father or the County Sheriff.

They would not have knowledge of Ms. Gokey’s number. She’s not on my father’s list. SimpliSafe without number knowledge or permission to call her, didn’t make the call to her to help my father. 

It could not have been an accidental phone generated call. Father’s phone history lists no calls lasting longer than 13 minutes to Ms. Gokey, ever.  

The “entire conversation” between my father and the trooper lasted over an hour, in house. Not on the doorstep. 

The best part of speaking with the knowledge to clear my father’s good name, is that it has already been done by the Michigan State Police. “The investigation was closed as unfounded.” Quoting Spl/Lt Michelle Robinson, in the Cedar Springs Post, April 8, 2021.

Cherrie Camilleri, Sand Lake

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