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Ranger Steve Mueller

By Ranger Steve Muller

February 3, 1974 by Steven J Mueller

(22 April Earth Day Poem for 2021)

It started on a mountain.

Nothing but crumbled rock all about me.

I was one of many.

Gravity guided me,

But I didn’t know where.

Then I saw.

It was the alpine.

Full of life.

Everything was so small.

It didn’t matter.

It was new to me,

So I looked closely.

The minute flowers were noticed in detail.

Even the sea was within my gaze.

I began to love my surroundings

But gravity kept moving me.

Soon I realized 

The sea was my goal.

Gravity had told my soul,

My surroundings lost favor

To a distant destiny.

Gravity was no longer 

The only force moving me.

There was the wind, the water,

And the others all around,

Pushing, pushing, pushing.

I began to lead

So I wouldn’t be pushed.

It was difficult,

But I could do it.

No longer were minute flowers noticed.

It took trees if I was to notice.

I had work to do.

I was leading to the sea.

Never more could I stop just 

To gaze for me.

If the river was not wide enough

We cut the bank

Wider, Wider, Wider.

Soon the water was muddy,

But it was to my benefit.

Nobody could see me cutting the bank

From beneath their precious tree,

Nor I seeing their sorrowful faces.

Now things were going well.

It wouldn’t be long till

I was to get my own

Soon I reached the sea.

Only to be covered.

By those who followed me.

Still – at last – I’m still.

What could I have seen?

It’s been so long since

I saw the alpine.

No matter!

I made my goal

Buried for eternity

My life is through.

Natural history questions or topic suggestions can be directed to Ranger Steve (Mueller) at odybrook@chartermi.net – Ody Brook Nature Sanctuary, 13010 Northland Dr. Cedar Springs, MI 49319 or call 616-696-1753.

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