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No room for you here

Rev. Bobby Gray

Solid Rock Worship Center

11862 Shaner Ave, Cedar Springs

I was saddened awhile back as I began to think about the Christmas season. My first thoughts were crowded malls, airports packed with people going home for Christmas, beer parlors bulging with revelers, and post offices overflowing with mail. Then it dawned on me that this is not what Christmas is all about.

We read of the birth of Jesus in Luke 2. The journey had been long; he was tired. It was not his weariness that mattered, he was worried about his wife, who was great with child. Birth pains were already starting. With hope for a bed and some comfort for his wife to give birth, he knocked on the door of the inn. When he told the innkeeper of his need, it was then that the innkeeper made the mistake that men have continued to make throughout many generations. He uttered those fateful words, “There is no room for you here.” If the innkeeper had only known to whom Mary would give birth that day, he would have asked someone to give up a room, or he would have given his own room. His inn would have been immortalized and his whole life would have been different. Men are still making that age-old mistake. For in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, they have found no room for Jesus in their hearts. 

The greatest story ever told was when Gabriel (the angel) shared it with the world the first time. What a joy it must have been for Gabriel to get to share the greatest news the world would ever know. The messiah has come! That is what God is looking for in this season. We live in a world that’s too busy, too full. That’s overfed and overblessed with too many riches. Who has not found a place in their lives and hearts for Jesus Christ? Someone must tell them: “Jesus has come. You must make time for Jesus.” 

If you want to have fulfillment this Christmas, if you want to find the true meaning of Christmas, find someone who has a no vacancy sign hanging on the door of their heart, who has said, “I have no room for Jesus,” and tell them the greatest story ever told. Let them know that the messiah is alive forevermore. 

There was a great desire within the shepherds to see Jesus. The bible says that they made haste. They did not put it off. They did not ignore the message. They did not question whether it was real, but they ran to find Jesus and fell at His feet. This Christmas, why don’t you allow that same desire to grip you heart? 

This is a good year to allow worship to have a place in your heart. The dog worships as he looks into the face of his master. The lover worships his sweetheart. The baby worships his mother. But God’s greatest creation does not find time to lift its heart and praise Him. Let it not be that way this season; let us be a people who will find a way to worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

If I were to have a message to you this Christmas, I would tell you three things:

1. Make room for Jesus in your house and in your heart.

2 Take the time to bow down and worship him.

3. Take the time to tell someone else the sweetest story ever told.

An artist can take a cheap piece of canvas and paint a picture, which in the future will be worth of thousands of dollars. But let me tell you what Jesus can do. He can take a sinful life that is worthless and broken and without hope, wash it in his blood, cleanse it from its sins, and make it a valuable blessing!

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