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New Year’s funnies

What is a New Year’s resolution? 

Something that goes in one year and out the other.

What is corn’s favorite holiday? 

New Ears Eve.

What’s a cow’s favorite holiday? 

Moo Year’s Eve.

Where do you go to do your math homework on New Year’s Eve? 

Times Square.

They say New York City has the best New Year’s celebration, but I say it’s overrated. Do you know why?

Because every year they drop the ball.

Some astronauts wanted to have a New Year’s party on the moon, but it didn’t work out. Do you know why? 

They didn’t planet in time.

What do farmers grow on January 1? 

New Year’s Hay.

Why do you need a jeweler on December 31? 

To ring in the New Year.

What does the little champagne bottle call his father? 


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