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Civic Duty of Voting is practiced in the classroom

4th grade student Gwen Middlebrook cast her ballot for her favorite animal, sport, ice cream flavor and more.

Teachers brought the recent national election to relatable and age-appropriate levels in the classrooms. In the elementary building, students explored the concepts of voting and elections through read alouds such as Duck For President, and cast ballots in mock elections and learned about how the electoral college process works. Middle schoolers learned about the election process with Social Studies teacher Mrs. Marsman through a student-led Kid Explorer video presentation. By completing this project they learned the answers to questions such as: What are the requirements to become President? How do elections work? What is the Electoral College? Which amendments guarantee voting rights? What are political parties? And what are checks and balances?

In the high school, Government teacher Mr. Washington focused on the purposes, organization, powers, processes, and election of the executive branch of the United States, and the roles and responsibilities of the President. Mr. Washington taught students in his other Social Studies classes the components of a professional and respectful debate, and students had the opportunity to put these new skills into practice.

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