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Build wealth by investing in your own company

As your business matures, the time will come when you will see excess cash and steady profits. Then the question arises of how to further increase the profits of your company. The stock market in recent years has been particularly unkind to the large companies that invested heavily in it. So plowing your profits back into your company may be the shrewdest move you can make in good times.

Lowering your overhead is a logical place to start, particularly if your rental payments keep going up. That may suggest to you that it’s time to buy your current building or look for one to purchase, so that you acquire a manageable mortgage that costs you less per month than renting. And once the space is yours, you can design the layout that will best maximize productivity. Longer term, you benefit from having the value of the building on your balance sheet and may be able to protect some of your profits from taxes due to the depreciation allowance.

Another approach to building value for your company is taking advantage of down markets to buy additional inventory-taking advantage of volume discounts and discounts at the end of a supplier’s selling season-or acquire better equipment. The latter approach might include computerized and electronic systems that can improve internal processes-again enhancing productivity.

However, another use for excess cash is to invest in financial instruments. You may decide, for example, that excess funds are best kept in treasury bills or certificates of deposit (if you can keep them there at least 90 days). Most likely, with available funds in excess of $100,000, you can make transfers between your checking account and your interest bearing investment account, despite the limit on the number of checks you can draw on the interest bearing account.

Lastly, you may want to consider acquiring a smaller company as a way of growing your business and expanding market share. If you go this route, prepare to learn more about business valuation at the same time you’re scrutinizing such assets as property, equipment and inventory, to be sure you really need them.

To learn more about sound financial management practices for your business, contact SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business.” SCORE is a nonprofit organization with more than 35 volunteer business counselors in Grand Rapids who provide free, confidential advice. Note Score now uses Zoom For the Grand Rapids Chapter of SCORE, call1-(616) 771-0305, or find a counselor online at www.scoregr.org.

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