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Is this the end times?

Pastor Darryl Miller

Sand Lake / South Ensley United Methodist Churches

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Peter 3:11: You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming (NIV).

As the pandemic has progressed, I have been asked by a few if I think that this is a sign of the end times. As we look back through history, we will discover that this question has been asked many times before—such as during the plague, the World Wars, the Spanish flu pandemic and so on. These have all been called the beginning of the end. 

Many people have spent an enormous amount of time trying to discern the exact time of Christ’s second coming. But the question that I ask is, why? Our faith tells us to trust in God. So shouldn’t we do so? If God could put the universe in the exact place needed at creation so that the sign in the heavens at His Son’s birth was at the exact place at the exact time, shouldn’t we trust that He knows when the exact time for His Son to return is? Instead, shouldn’t we be concerned with what we are supposed to be doing in the meantime? 

In each of these instances, people were hurting, afraid and seeking answers. We, as God’s people, are given those answers and commanded to share them with others. We are to do this in love. We are not supposed to sit back and wait but instead we are to be busy with God’s work right up to the very end. Wouldn’t it be better for the master to return and find us busily doing His work than to have Him find us in the hammock staring at the sky? 

People who are hurting need God’s healing. People who are afraid need God’s peace. People who have lost loved ones need God’s comfort. We may need to find different ways of doing so, but it is our job as followers of Christ to bring these things to the world. The best part is, when we do this we are blessed ourselves beyond measure. 

We show Christ to the world in our actions and our reactions. Show Christ in all that you do so that when He does return, He will find you hard at work in the fields creating a truly full harvest for the kingdom.

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