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Special tribute to Alice Allen

Special tribute to Alice Allen

By Lois Allen

I would like to extend a big old “thank you” to State Representative Mark Huizenga for his special tribute, as well as a birthday card and note that he personally sent to my mother, Alice Allen in honor of her 90th birthday. The State of Michigan Special Tribute was impressive and thoughtful to say the least. Framed and signed by both Representative Mark Huizenga of the Seventy-Fourth District and Peter McGregor, State Senator of the Twenty-Eighth District, it read, 

“Let It Be Known” that it is a genuine pleasure to extend special greetings to Alice Allen upon the occasion of her 90th birthday. We are grateful for this opportunity to join with her family and many friends to honor an individual who truly understands the beauty of life in its challenges and triumps.

Born on 07/18/1930, Alice Allen grew up in a world quite different in many ways from the one we know today. In the span of her lifetime, tremendous cultural, sociological, and technological changes have transformed our world. That Alice has lived and experienced life thoughout this period has given her insight, experience, and wisdom few of us can fully appreciate.

Alice Allen has richly blessed her community through her involvement with the Cedar Springs Post. As  a co-founder of the paper, Alice has dedicated an admirable proportion of her time to informing the public on important topics. Her commitment and virtuous character have set an example for all to follow.

Long ago, Charles Dickens made an observation on aging that often seems applicable to people like Alice, who have contributed a great deal to life around them. He said:

Father Time is not always a hard parent,

and, though he tarries for none of his

children, he often lays his hand lightly

on those who have used him well.

Surely, Alice breathes great meaning into this thought.

The One Hundredth Legislature

At Lansing

Saturday, July 18, 2020

She was proud to show me and I am truly grateful that you, as well as many others here in Cedar Springs, were able to put a smile on her face.

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