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Vote NO on school proposal

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Vote NO on school proposal

On Aug 4 we will be voting on another school bond proposal. It is very important to carefully read the proposal as written on the ballot. We are told no “expected” tax rate increase, yet the ballot language clearly states “unlimited tax bonds.” Furthermore, the proposal on the ballot is so nonspecific about how the money will be spent that they can do whatever they want. They want us to just trust them, which would be a big mistake.

With over $32 million of bond debt and $1.6 million qualified loans on the books already, adding the $68 million debt this proposal calls for would triple our total debt. This is absolutely reckless, irresponsible and totally insane!

The property tax bills that came recently are nearly 40 percent higher than they would be without existing school debt! If we don’t add more debt, the sky high 7 mills for debt service will start to decrease in a few years and the debt will be eliminated by about 2032. If we foolishly pass this proposal, property taxes will remain in the stratosphere for three more decades (until 2052). Shamefully, a large part of the burden of paying off that debt would be left for today’s students to pay after they graduate.

This proposal is very expensive and provides relatively little benefit for its massive cost. Tearing down most of Beach Elementary would be extremely costly and wasteful. Clearly, their priorities are more about wants than needs.

With the pandemic we face and uncertainty about the economy, there couldn’t be a worse time to pile on massive new debt. Please vote NO and then demand that school officials stop looking at taxpayers as cash cows to be milked.  

One final note: If you have submitted an absentee ballot with a yes vote for this proposal, you can still ask your local clerk to issue a new ballot so that you can make a better choice.

Daniel Davis, Courtland Township

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