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Local woman charged in riot in Grand Rapids

Olivia Marie Hull at the riot in Grand Rapids on May 31.
Olivia Marie Hull

As many as eight people have been charged with rioting in Grand Rapids on May 31, which occurred after the death of a black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, at the hands of police.

One of those charged in the rioting includes a Cedar Springs woman—Olivia Marie Hull, 23—who was seen on live video bashing in the windows of a storefront in Grand Rapids. She is accused of breaking into the Sundance Grill & Bar at Ottawa Avenue and Pearl Street NW. 

Hull, a mother of two children under 5, was arrested on June 8, and officially arraigned on three charges on June 9: rioting; breaking and entering a building with intent; and malicious destruction of property—personal property less than $200. Bond was set at $25,000 cash/surety on the three charges. She was arraigned on three more charges of MDOP on Wednesday, June 10: two counts of Malicious destruction of property—fire or police with bond set at $25,000; and malicious destruction of property—building $1,000 or more but less than $20,000. Bond was set at $5,000 cash or surety on that charge. She remains in custody at the Kent County jail.

WOODTV-8 said that officials estimate rioters caused almost $450,000 in damage downtown, with 100 businesses having their windows smashed. The damage estimate does not include the value of items stolen by looters.

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16 Responses to “Local woman charged in riot in Grand Rapids”

  1. Poor kids…who would take care of them now…

  2. Andrew says:

    God what a POS loser. Hope her children get taken away.

  3. Wonnerber Snerr says:

    Olivia, no matter what the courts decide to do with you, consider yourself lucky… lucky that the shop owner wasn’t inside waiting for one of you scumbag looters to enter and put some hot lead through you. I’m not saying this to be hateful, but it’s the honest truth. The people who own/work in those businesses have put their lives into them, and many would feel justified in defending them. How do you think you’d react if someone were to come into your home/trailer/mom’s basement/tent and take, destroy, set fire to the things you’ve worked hard for? What makes you feel you have the right to do so to others? So take your self-entitlement BS and move to California where it’s appreciated. Hope the courts see fit for the 14 of you to pay for all the damages done. Not fair, but neither was the crap you guys done.

  4. Debi says:

    Poor kids? With that role model? Severe punishment for her criminal activities based on ignorance. Poor business owners already suffering having to deal with this brat’s ignorance and mob mentality.

  5. John Phillip Jaeger says:

    Democrats are destroying this once great nation, and they never admit that they were wrong, never change their destructive ways. Evil is like that.

    The foundation of Democrats includes covetousness, a sin, and bearing false witness, also a sin. They relentlessly call everyone else “racist” which is a bald-faced lie. They relentlessly push class warfare, which is covetousness.

    Having food and raiment, be content therewith. – The Holy Bible

    This is the same party which proudly promotes the murder of 1,000,000 innocent, unborn babies every year, a disproportionate number of them black. Racist founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, created it to eliminate blacks from the U.S.

  6. George says:

    Lock her up!

  7. Chad says:

    Hmm….who paid her the $200.00 …?

  8. Wheezer says:

    2kids under the age of 5, she is 23 and accused of rioting and propert damage? WTF ? Someone didn’t get some hugs from mommy and daddy .. lock her up and toss the key

  9. Billy Raker says:

    Why is there no effort put into finding the financier of these rioters??? This (rude name for a female body part) needs to see her 10 years in prison but the financier needs to see the gallows!


    23, 2 kids, living at Mommy’s? Birth control for all concerned.

  11. Russingram says:

    Will they separate her from her children, or do they only do that at the border?

  12. Janet Piper says:

    Why, when I search for that building, does it come up as a building in Moscow? Just wondering…

  13. J. Swetic says:

    Should have spent the time looking for your baby daddies instead of being a criminal. Then you could move out of your mommies house.I hope they take those children away and put them in a respectable home.

  14. Dogzy says:

    destruction of property—personal property less than $200.?

    Just one of the windows she smashed is worth way more than $200! The police/prosecutors are going so easy on these animals!

  15. cspoststaff says:

    No, different girl, same name.


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