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The 10 BEST Easter candies

The 10 BEST Easter candies
Cadbury Mini Eggs are the BEST Easter Candy.

By Clair Robins clair@candystore.com

Last week we learned that out of 19,000 people surveyed, Cadbury Crème eggs took the number one spot for WORST Easter candy. But Cadbury also has something on the list for BEST Easter candy as well. Read on to find out what it is.

The 10 BEST Easter candies

10. Skittles-Filled Easter Eggs. Down from #9 last year.

Kids love Skittles and they love Easter egg hunts. Get on board with these Skittles-filled eggs.

Skittles Easter eggs combine the fun and re-sealability of candy in a plastic Easter egg, with the desirability of not being generic jelly beans. Skittles are a very popular candy overall. They finished as the #1 overall top Halloween candy last year.

9. Sour Patch Easter Bunnies. Up from #10 last year.

It’s no surprise that Sour Patch Kids are hugely popular right now. Sour candy and spicy candy have both gone through a resurgence of late. These Sour Patch Bunnies are well received has plastic Easter egg fillers. A good change of pace from classic, but often generic, jelly beans.

8. Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Eggs. No movement this year.

These might be my number one top favorite. I love the foil wrapped chocolates, especially when they have some candy crunchies inside. The cookies and creme variety are extra points.

Quick little hit of crunchy chocolate and I’m on to the next piece of candy in my Easter basket. The only drawback is they can be messy if they are eaten warm.

7. Robins Eggs from Whoppers. Down from #5 last year.

Robins Eggs are little Whoppers malt balls shaped like eggs and covered with a crispy candy shell. The shells are colored with speckles to look like little robin eggs, except that robins’ eggs don’t typically come in yellow and coral colors, so far as I know. These are crunchy and satisfying. You can put them inside a plastic Easter egg for a nice surprise or sprinkle them into the Easter basket individually. Very nice.

6. Lindt Chocolate Carrots. Down from #4 last year.

Lindt Chocolate Carrots are delightful. Foil wrapped chocolate carrots are designed to look like little carrots. They look divine in an Easter Basket and the flavor is nice too. Lindt is known for quality, and these chocolate carrots have hints of hazelnut to give them a warm and fuzzy feeling. The little curve at the end of the stick makes them feel like little spring carrot umbrellas. So cute.

5. Jelly Beans (Gourmet / Naturally-Flavored). Up from #7 last year.

Jelly beans did really well when they distinguished themselves as being gourmet or made with natural flavorings. Basically, any fancy jelly beans work well. You can tell the difference usually by the size. Nice jelly beans tend to be on the smaller side. The flavor difference is gigantic though. The vibrant flavors that come out of naturally flavored, or gourmet jelly beans, like Jelly Belly are great.

4. Kinder Joy Eggs Candy. Up from #6 last year.

Kinder Eggs haven’t been in the Easter candy lexicon very long, but they’ve made a huge splash. Kinder Joy Eggs only recently became available in the US, but they are a candy giant in Europe and the rest of the world.

Who doesn’t love a surprise toy inside of anything? And when that thing is yummy chocolate-y wafer balls floating in creamy candy goodness, it’s a win-win.

3. Chocolate Bunnies (Hollow). Down from #2 last year.

Here is the quintessential Easter candy. The chocolate bunny. Tale as old as time, well at least the 19th century. The story goes that there was a German goddess named Ostara, who was the goddess of spring and fertility. Her name is thought by some to be the origin for the very word Easter. In German, the word for Easter is Ostern.

Anyway, there is a myth about her turning a bird into a bunny to save it, so there you have the Easter Bunny. That was hundreds of years ago. Chocolate bunnies are slightly more recent. You can find molds for chocolate bunnies in Germany that go back to the 1890s. They were also being made around that time by some Pennsylvania Dutch, one in particular named Robert L. Strohecker.

It’s fun, it’s big, it’s festive, and it better be hollow. Hollow chocolate bunnies are all the fun without any of the hard work or guilt involved with trying to eat a solid chocolate bunny.

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. Up from #3 last year.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are an absolute juggernaut in the candy world. These are like those, except shaped like an egg. Yeah, that’s about it. Pretty awesome.

1. Cadbury Mini Eggs. Wins again.

Simply glorious.

They may not have the history of chocolate bunnies, but Cadbury Mini Eggs are hugely popular. They were far and away the most popular Easter candy in our study. There is just something about these little eggs that is irresistible.

Is it the softness of the outer shell to the touch? Maybe it’s the way the shell holds strong to the bite for a moment and then gives way to a soft and yummy chocolate center with a satisfying crunch. The flavor of the shell and chocolate combined has a specialness to it that I can’t quite put my finger on. Why is it so darn good?! It just is. Really good.

They are infinitely better than their Creme Egg brethren. And they have their own cute commercial, too.

As amazing as they are, they are not without some controversy. A few years ago, Cadbury altered its packaging, and the word “Easter” was no longer on the front of the bag. Some people were outraged and accused Cadbury of deliberately downplaying the religious aspect of the holiday.

Cadbury defended itself by saying the move wasn’t intentional and that “Chocolate eggs [are] synonymous with Easter…and the association is now an automatic one.”

Whatever you think of that, it’s hard to deny that Cadbury Mini Eggs are delicious.

There you have it folks. Cadbury makes the #1 Best and the #1 Worst Easter candy.

Whatever your thoughts about Easter candy are, they likely include thinking about Cadbury’s brand. Winner of Easter: Cadbury.

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