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Hold the line

By Mike Womack, Cedar Springs City Manager

We are now entering our third official week of Michigan’s Executive Order 2020-21, the shelter in place quarantine order and we still have a long time to go, and that time is likely to be extended even longer.  New COVID-19 cases continue to rise and there are more deaths being reported every day, we are still very much in this fight. Weeks ago, this disease seemed to only affect China, Italy, New York City and Detroit. We now have it locally, in our community, in the City of Cedar Springs.

This increase in new cases and deaths may lead you to think that the quarantine isn’t working but it is. You may feel that not seeing your friends, family or co-workers because of the quarantine isn’t worth the social pain and loss; it is. You are probably depressed, stressed and discouraged, and ready to return to normal life—don’t. COVID-19 isn’t giving up the fight and neither should we. Stand fast and keep that social distance to the best of your ability. Maintain your strength and know that this temporary sacrifice is absolutely the right thing to be doing right now. Quarantine saves lives. Even when you see people in your community get sick and die, don’t give in to the temptation; maintain your separation.

While I am certainly no disease transmission expert, I do know what the words “quarantine” and “separation” mean.  I also know that studies show that there is a profound difference between “quarantining” and “kind of quarantining.” When you socialize at work with your coworkers and your kid has a play-date and your spouse has gone to the store six days in a row to pick up non-essentials you have all defeated the purpose of actual quarantining.  

Quarantining works. It does not work in some grandiose sweeping moment but is a collection of thousands upon thousands of decisions by individuals to hold the line over a long period of time. Even though things may appear bleak in the coming week(s), we need to “remember that we are not descended from fearful men” and that we will “not go gentle into that good night.”

Over the next several weeks, know what to expect, remember the importance of these social distancing measures for our community’s health and continue to persevere in this time of uncertainty. We have amazing friends, neighbors and community here and I encourage every single person to remain Cedar Strong.

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