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Floods and faith

A pastor of a small church was in the middle of a historic flood. As the water began to rise, he climbed up to the bell tower and onto the roof. A little while later, one of his parishiners came by in a rowboat. “Do you need a ride pastor?” he called. “No,” said the pastor. “I have faith that the Lord will not give me more than I can handle. He will keep me safe.”

As the water rose higher, another boat with three men floated by and one of the men hollered out, “Do you need help?”

“Why no,” said the pastor. “God is with me. My faith will sustain me, but thank you.” and he waved them off. Soon the water was above the roof and the pastor succumed in the cold rushing water and drowned.

As he entered heaven, he exclaimed to God, “Lord, I told everyone that you would not let me drown!”

The Lord answered by saying, “Well, I offered you two rides!”

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