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The Worst Easter Candy Ranked

The Worst Easter Candy Ranked

By Clair Robins clair@candystore.com

There’s a lot not to like about the way 2020 is shaping up. The Worst Easter candy is low on that list, but here it is anyway. Easter is already just around the corner and the candy opinions are coming out again. You’ve heard the complaints and even had some of these in your own Easter basket. Here are the worst Easter candies according to our survey.

The Definitive Ranking of Worst and Best Easter Candies

Easter is a really big candy holiday.

Did you know more is spent on candy for Easter historically than for Halloween itself? Depending on which data you look at, Easter is as big or bigger than even Halloween. It’s a silent monster.

The National Retail Federation says Easter candy spending was $2.49 Billion this year, down slightly from last year’s $2.63B. In 2020, it is a little murky due to the coronavirus outbreak. So stock up for your Easter Egg hunt while you still can!

Historically, however, of the people who do not plan to celebrate Easter, 33 percent will still buy Easter candy. What?!

That says a lot. There is some good stuff out there, people.

But there is also some pretty bad stuff. We know because you’ve told us loud and clear what you don’t like. As we mentioned before, you have to be careful when asking people about their least favorite holiday candy. It stirs up some deep emotions that can come out in an unfiltered rage.

When we did our Easter season surveys, we asked a whole lot of people about their favorite and least favorite Easter candy. We got 19,000 responses. The results are included below.

The 10 Worst Easter Candies

10. Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Tails

Cotton Tails Cotton Candy Worst Easter Candy

Fluffy Stuff cotton candy stayed at #10 this year. It is a popular brand of packaged cotton candy. If you like cotton candy, it’s good cotton candy. I personally am neutral on the stuff, could take it or leave it. The people in our survey were not as neutral. Cotton candy is not their favorite, to put it mildly.

More than that though, there is a strong sentiment that it doesn’t belong in the family of Easter appropriate candies. I can appreciate that. It does feel a little gimmicky to take your cotton candy product and call it a rabbit’s tail and market it for Easter. That may not be terribly different from what a lot of candy products do, but it does feel a little forced here.

9. Jelly Beans (Generic). Down from #6 last year.

Jelly beans come in many different flavors from many many different manufacturers. They are not universally hated for Easter. it’s just that people prefer higher quality jelly beans these days. The days where you could plop any old jelly bean down into the grassy Easter basket might be gone.

8. Peeps Hot Tamales. New on the list this year.

The thing with Peeps is there is a group of people who love them and a much louder group who do not. Peeps are fun for making funny art stuff, but most people don’t want to eat them or very much of them. It’s doesn’t seem to be something that is someone’s regular go-to. It’s more of a had one during a holiday season, don’t need one again for a while. Regret it? Maybe.

These Hot Tamales Peeps are really standing out for some reason. The word from those speaking up is they crossed some line here. Personally, I have not tried them. We do know that spicy candy has gone up in popularity. Perhaps this is an attempt by Peeps to capitalize. Good luck.

7. Twix Eggs. New on the list this year.

Twix Eggs Worst Easter Candy

Twix Eggs don’t on the surface seem to be anything that might cause an affront. It’s just a bigger version of a Twix, which people love. It seems like the shape is what most people are objecting to. Also that fact that making a Twix into a giant bar maybe isn’t as appealing? Could it be that part of the appeal of Twix is the breaking apart and the snap with each bite?

6. Chocolate Crosses. Up from #7 last year.

Chocolate crosses have become an increasingly popular–but possibly not so well received–Easter candy. Much of the backlash seems to come from people trying to square the idea of turning a torture device into a yummy chocolate treat.

I have to admit, this one always seemed a little forced to me. I get the whole “reason for the season” movement that some of the more traditional believers have hung their hat on. I do. I grew up in that world. Perhaps that motto works better at Christmas time, when there was no torture. Just a little frankincense and myrrh.

5. Chicks & Rabbits Marshmallow Candy. Down from #4 last year.

I actually quite like these. It seems like most people are comparing them to circus peanuts. Circus peanuts are not good company to keep, if you’re trying to be popular. They were the #1 worst Halloween candy.

Also, they don’t really look like chicks or rabbits. They kind of look like aliens.

4. Bunny Corn / Easter Candy Corn. Down from #2 last year.

Bunny Corn Candy Corn Worst Easter Candy

Candy corn always places highly among the disliked candy, but can often also place highly on the most liked list. It’s a highly disputed candy type.

For Easter, it seems the hoard have chosen to dislike. I am a confessed candy corn lover, but I will admit the pastel coloring does give me pause. I’d still eat it though.

3. Chocolate Bunnies (Solid). Up from #5 last year.

Chocolate bunnies are one of the most iconic Easter candies. So what gives?

Solid chocolate bunnies are a buzz kill. You see a chocolate Easter bunny and think how fun it will be to devour it. The thing is, solid chocolate Easter bunnies (as opposed to hollow) are just too much darn chocolate. It’s demoralizing. Here’s this giant, dense brick of chocolate.

Yes, it’s shaped like a bunny, and it’s cute. After one bite, enticing turns to intimidating. You realize there’s no way you are going to devour this thing. The one pictured above is 12 ounces (340g) of chocolate. A regular-sized Hershey Bar is 1.55oz (43g). That solid chocolate bunny is equal to nearly 8 whole Hershey Bars (7.9, to be exact). Could you eat 7.9 Hershey bars?

Probably not. You pull the foil back up over the quarter-eaten bunny ears and long for the time before you made such a foolish attempt on a solid chocolate bunny. A time when your Easter Fun momentum was still on the rise.

2. Peeps Easter Candy. Up from #3 last year.

Peeps are a regular on our WORST holiday candy lists. They just don’t get much love outside the diorama art world. They tend to get compared to rubber or sugary foam in the comments we received.

They don’t seem to be a thing that many people want to associate with putting inside their bodies. Put it on a doughnut, however, and they might sing a different tune.

1. Cadbury Creme Eggs. Reigning Champion.

As Easter candy goes, Cadbury Creme Eggs are one of the most well-known candies ever. There were the classic old commercial where the clucking bunny lays an egg and it’s a Cadbury Creme egg.

A whole generation thought rabbits clucked after this …and laid eggs. You gotta give Cadbury credit, there is cultural cachet there.

Cadbury Creme Eggs are a highly unique candy. Chocolate shell with a creamy and sugary goo inside that has both the white and the yolk of the candy egg. It seems like a confectionery engineering marvel. Bravo for creating such a work of candy art. The thing is, they’re just awfully horrible to actually eat.

The chocolate shell is a problem. The thing is hard enough to eat without making a mess, but god forbid the egg has gotten a tiny bit warm and the outer shell has softened. Then you’re in for a sloppy mess with this awkwardly shaped candy whose liquid filling does nothing to support its shape. It falls apart into goo.

Speaking of the shell, its ingredients have recently gone through some changes. Cadbury Creme Eggs’ shell used to be made of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate. But Cadbury was bought by Kraft in 2010, and that was an ominous event. Five years later, they announced the change to a “standard chocolate mix.”

People were not happy about that. They even started a petition to go back to the old recipe.

But the liquid filling is the thing that people seem to have the most problem with. It’s liquid fondant, which ok yeah that sounds gross. Its consistency apparently leaves more than a little something to be desired to most people.

Cadbury Creme Eggs aren’t the only Easter candy made by Cadbury. They are the worst, but Cadbury also happen to make the very best.

See the 10 best Easter candies next week!

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