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City Council to begin marijuana discussion

by Judy Reed

After two public forums to get ideas on whether people want to see the city allow adult recreational marijuana businesses, and one public forum last week where people could ask questions about a proposed marijuana ordinance, the Cedar Springs City Council will begin discussion on the issue tonight (Thursday, March 12) at its regular meeting at City Hall at 7 p.m. 

The Cedar Springs City Council will begin discussions Thursday evening, March 12, on what they want to see in an adult recreational marijuana ordinance.

According to City Manager Mike Womack, the draft of the ordinance is not really a recommendation, just a place to start. The City Council will review it and the public’s comments as well before making a decision.

This is only a draft andnotfinal policy. You can download the full ordinance in the agenda packet at https://cityofcedarsprings.org/wp-content/uploads/minutes-agendas-packets/Agenda-Packet_2020-03-12.pdf. It covers pages 105-107. 

1. The City of Cedar Springs would allow the following recreational marijuana establishments:

a. Marijuana Growers-all license types (from 100 to 2,000 plants)

b. Marihuana Processors (converts marijuana from growers for sale in retail locations)

c. Marijuana Retailer (operates stores for purchase of processed marijuana)

d. Marijuana Safety Compliance Facility (tests marijuana for contaminants)

e. Marijuana Microbusinesses (a smaller, self-contained business allowed to grow, process and sell the products from a maximum of 150 plants)

f. Excess Marijuana Grower (a license issued to a person holding 5 Class C marijuana grower licenses and licensed to cultivate marijuana and sell or otherwise transfer marihuana to marihuana establishments). 

2. They would not allow the following:

a. Marijuana Secured Transporter (they may operate within the City but may not establish any place or parcel in the City as a base of operations as either a primary or accessory use on that property)

b. Marijuana Event Organizer

c. Temporary Marijuana Event

d. Designated Consumption Establishment

e. Any other marijuana establishment or license not specifically permitted under Part 1 above.

The ordinance also explains they will allow an unlimited number of licenses and where those various businesses can be located.

The Cedar Springs City Council wants to hear citizen input on this issue. Please plan to attend the the March 12thor April 16thCity Council meetings to give your input. You can also e-mail the Council members via their email, listed on the city’s webpage at https://cityofcedarsprings.org/city-council/. Just click on the name of the Councilperson you’d like to email, or e-mail the City Manager (manager@cityofcedarsprings.org) who will then forward your comments to all members of the City Council.

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