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Napoleon and zhe Battle of zhe Water Loo at the Kent

Napoleon and zhe Battle of zhe Water Loo at the Kent

The R.A.T. Troupe is bringing “Napoleon and zhe Battle of zhe Water Loo” to the Kent Theatre on December 6 and 7.

This fun-filled performance begins in a feudal mansion where the beneficiaries of the family estate are to meet for the reading of a patriarchal will.

However, Napoleon is ‘miraculously’ the only claimant to arrive and by meeting the requirements within the Will, takes possession of the mansion, a new wife, a couple of homely wards, a crusty old German butler and two poor pretty maids. 

Napoleon soon finds himself with the soul crushing weight of matrimonial responsibility and realizes that in order to fulfill both his domestic commitments and his own ruthless ambitions, he must set upon a never-ending quest to expand his wealth and influence. 

But, as that expansion of wealth and power grew, so also grew the distance between himself and his household. Homefront contentment grows into discontentment, accord into discord, ease into unease, and tranquility into boredom, lending credence to the saying, “While the cat’s away, the mice will play” and for Napoleon the Great, this truth is proven to be no different.

Napoleon’s new wife, Josephine, hires the fancy and fantabulous Dandy N Dale dancers to entertain her idle and zhe bored mind. But in the middle of their dance party, they discover that she does not have a glorious interior loo like the other decent folks do, leading to her embarrassment and threats of “No cookies!” for Napoleon until one installed.

Whether it was a sledgehammer in the toilet bowl, or uncured porcelain from the factory that caused the loo to fail, only zhe Battle of zhe Water Loo can render final verdict.

Their performance is at 7:30pm on Dec. 6th and 7th at the Kent Theater, 8 North Main St., Cedar Springs. Tickets: $8-12yrs and younger, $12-13yrs and up.  

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