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A season for everything

Pastor Darryl Miller  | Sand Lake & South Ensley United Methodist Churches

There’s a season for everything and a time for every matter under the heavens. (Ecclesiastes 3:1 Common English Bible) 

I know it’s strange but I live in Michigan because I like it. That includes the weather. Well, most of the time. Now, if you tell someone from Michigan that you like the weather, he or she may try to move away from you discreetly. I spent a winter in Arizona with relatives one year and to be honest, Christmas just didn’t feel right. I noticed that some people there didn’t seem to notice that it was a different time of year. It was rather strange. 

I guess I just like the change in seasons. The blooms of spring, the warmth and fun of summer, the beauty of fall, and even the clear and beautiful skies above the snowy landscape of winter. I also think that it is a good reminder for us all. Things change. Humans can far too easily get stuck in ruts. We get comfortable and don’t want things to change. But if you like the spring, the flowers, and the budding trees, remember that without winter this would not happen.

One of my favorite hymns is “Hymn of Promise” written by Natalie Sleeth in 1986 after the death of a close friend. It is a good reminder that there are seasons in our lives as well as in nature. We have ups and downs, celebrations and sadness. But the good news is that through it all God is with us. His presence is always there to guide us and the Holy Spirit is there to comfort us. Sure, as I get older I wish that winter would last only a few weeks now, but I still love the first warm day in spring and without the cold would I appreciate the warmth as much? And without trials would I ever learn to lean on God? 

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