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A Blessing called… Feedback

Rev. Bobby Gray

Solid Rock Worship Center 

11862 Shaner Ave NE, Cedar Springs

Don’t you just hate it when the church audio system starts to whine with feedback? Me too. Feedback is always unpleasant to hear. When you are getting feedback, the good news, however, is that feedback simply means that something isn’t calibrated right, not that the entire system is useless. Feedback is a helpful tool that alerts us that we need to optimize ourselves, our environment, or both.

Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager and many leadership development programs once said, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

For those of you who aspire to work for God, consider this.

During the creation process, God himself paused to review his performance and give himself feedback. In Genesis 1, the phrase, “And God saw that it was good (suitable, admirable) and He approved it” (Amplified Bible AMP), is found a total of six times—one for each day of work.

The Point? God would go six days without rest, but wouldn’t go even one day without feedback.

Whenever God is working within to create new something inside us, we should expect performance reviews (feedback) along every step of the way. If He would stop to give himself feedback, you and I must expect it from him also!

Strong disciples enjoy these excellent benefits of giving and receiving feedback:

It resolves lingering or underlying issues within the body. Sharing your true thoughts releases tension and creates an environment for true unity to occur.

It boosts your confidence. Receiving good feedback empowers you to make informed decisions.

It realigns your trajectory. If you handle feedback humbly and prayerfully, it will help you stay on track, or get you back on track.

It brings clarity to your purpose. Feedback can help affirm your suspicions regarding your role(s) in the body of Christ.

It elevates your performance. Real-time feedback on our ministry and discipleship efforts trains us to be conscious of mediocrity.

It hastens “next level” discipleship. Over time, consistent godly feedback helps us reach levels of spiritual aptitude that we never could attain without it.

Feedback should not be a one time or some time event—it must become a lifestyle. We must solicit feedback often and earnestly.

Improper sources of feedback include:

Social Media

Cultural trends


Inconsistent church members

Those that have something to gain from bending you one way or another.

Those that have little no commitment to you or knowledge of you.

Proper sources of feedback:

Your Pastor. (Both a surgeon and a mugger may use a knife, but skill and compassion are what makes the difference.)

A praying spouse. She will tell you, trust me…He may tell you, if you ask.

Godly family members or friends. Don’t take their feedback as an attack, but listen thoughtfully.

The Word & Spirit of God.

God help us to calibrate our souls, that we may give our utmost for His highest!

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