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Clarification: Purple Haze coming to Main Street

Another April Fool’s Day edition has come and gone, and this year the joke was on us when it came to naming the business for the fake ad. Why did it have to be Purple Haze? Why not Blue Haze? Green Ganja? Good Giggles? Blowin’ Smoke? Reefer Madness? It was that darn song. And the fact that our designer loves purple—it’s her favorite color. She’d probably paint our whole office purple if we let her, putting us all in a purple haze. She’s had purple hair, purple lipstick, purple nails, you name it. If reincarnation was real she’d probably come back as a purple grape. And you don’t want to talk to her when she’s mad—she’s like the purple people eater.

Now a lot of people think that Purple Haze is about drugs, so it was a good name for the fake store. But those lyrics from the famous Jimi Hendrix song of 1967 supposedly really describe a dream he had about being underwater and not knowing what way is up. Our designer must’ve been in a purple haze when creating the April Fools ad about Purple Haze coming to Main Street in Cedar Springs because a pretty important thing escaped her notice (and the rest of us, too). The ad noted that they would be selling marijuana and that there would be free samples for everyone on 4/20. Now we were pretty sure that would get some people excited. And it did—but not everyone was excited in a good way. And we can understand that, because you see, there already is a business called Purple Haze in Cedar Springs—or Solon Township specifically—at Huck’s Corners. And they don’t sell marijuana, nor are they moving to Main Street. Oops.

Now we could make some excuses about how this mistake could be really good for their business—like people who had never heard of them before might drop in for a visit to see if they really were selling marijuana and then buy something tobacco-related when they found out they weren’t. Like papers or something. Or they could just sit and laugh about the mistake with them and make some new friends. 

But we won’t do that. Instead, we are owning up to our mistake to say that we are sincerely sorry for any confusion or headaches our ad caused Purple Haze—Cedar Springs. It was truly meant to be all in good fun and we appreciate their understanding.

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