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Solon Twp Ordinance on Lot Size


The current Solon Twp Board has gone against the wishes of voters and passed an ordinance requiring a 2-acre home site. They have passed this despite citizen’s survey responses of 61 percent wanting to leave lot size at 1-acre.

When the township master plan was updated in the 90’s, a majority of the residences responding to a similar survey also preferred the 1-acre lot size and the board followed their recommendations.

The board’s idea of saving farmland and natural resources is nonsensical. Requiring lots to be twice the size encourages urban sprawl, reduces tillable farmland, and disturbs wildlife habitat and resources.  

Residents’ quality of life would not be improved either. Under the ordinance, homeowners would be required to mow and rake lots twice the size as a 1-acre lot. Larger lot sizes require more time to maintain, reducing quality time with family and friends or overall enjoyment of their property.  

This ordinance is bad for residents and even worse for the future of Solon township.  Vote “NO” on Proposal 18-4-Z.

John Cornell

Retired Solon Twp Supervisor

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One Response to “Solon Twp Ordinance on Lot Size”

  1. Anonymous G says:

    That means less people will want to build and move here.Theres plenty of popup developments going up everywhere else. Developers won’t buy up the land. Hopefully it will sell cheaper and be farmed. Perhaps my taxes won’t go up. Less traffic on our quiet roads. I don’t know about anyone else but i’m ok with bigger lot sizes. We moved here to get away from the busy town life and enjoy the quiet. I’m sure we’re not the only ones.


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