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Disturbing facebook post


Dear Editor,

I have been watching the developments concerning the CSPS superintendent with interest as I have a young child in the school system. I have been waiting for facts to come out on either side. I look forward to the meeting that will be on the same day that the Post will be distributed to have some questions answered. I hope that many from the community will be able to attend what I hope will be a very informative meeting.  It will be held March 15 at 7pm, Solon Township hall.

I came across a disturbing Face Book post from one of the trustees that was recently appointed to the school board which I believe may call their judgement into question. Tim Bauer wrote on his page 

“Yesterday, in the afternoon, I heard from God regarding the turmoil that has filled our town. He will now bring to an end the rebellion that is fighting against His will. To the degree that you have led this fight will be the degree that God’s judgment will fall on you and your households. To the Christians that have joined themselves to this unholy alliance, may you repent quickly and separate yourselves from that which the Lord will expose as lies, deceit, and treachery against Him. His impartial justice has been declared. Woe to those who have called good evil and evil good, declaring their cause to be righteous. A strong east wind will now blow away the dark clouds of confusion, giving way to the light of God’s glory in Cedar Springs, Michigan. Amen.”

I am not sure what I find most disturbing. It could be that this man feels that God speaks directly to him, and potentially him alone, or that anyone who disagrees with his position will receive the wrath of God. What is more disturbing is that our school board thought that this gentleman was a good choice. It makes me much more open to the idea that perhaps they misjudged the character of our current superintendent as well.

When teachers feel so trapped that they feel the need to appeal directly to the public, it is time to take notice. 

Molly Nixon, 

Cedar Springs

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