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What not to buy on Black Friday


From blackfriday.com

You’re busy enough on Black Friday. Don’t waste your time on these items. 

What not to buy on Black Friday

1. That super-cheap doorbuster TV or laptop: TVs and laptops often occupy Page 1 of stores’ Black Friday ads, and they bring shoppers out in droves. This year is particularly exciting, as there are plenty of 4K TVs at low prices.

But be careful. Doorbuster TVs are often off-brand, or are pared-down versions of well-known models.

Use a reputable source (like PCMag’s reviews) to judge whether a brand and model have a good reputation. And search the model number of the doorbuster item to see if it’s offered year-round. If not, it could be a cheap doorbuster. 

2. Clothing: Black Friday ads are full of tempting prices on everything from workout clothing, to pajamas, to designer fashion. However, with your time limited on Black Friday, it›s not the time to browse and attempt to find something in your size.

The better time to shop for clothes is Cyber Monday, when clothing sites will offer sitewide discounts (instead of item-specific discounts like on Black Friday). 

3. Jewelry: Black Friday ads are filled with jewelry. But expect better sales around Valentine’s Day. If you are going to snap up jewelry on Black Friday, make sure it’s not an important piece (like an engagement ring. Rock-bottom Black Friday prices may tempt you into buying something of questionable quality.

4. Holiday decorations: If you can wait to buy your Christmas decor, ignore all the Black-Friday markdowns on trees, lights and lawn decorations. That stuff will fall to even lower prices the day after Christmas.

5. Appliances and mattresses: The appliance and mattress industries will mark down their wares during their famous three-day weekend sales (Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.). They’ll even mark them down on New Year’s Day. So no need to waste your valuable time on Black Friday trying out mattresses or looking at refrigerators.

What you should buy on Black Friday

On Black Friday, keep a lookout for these items instead.

1. Smartphones: Newest-gen phones can easily be found on Black Friday for $0 plus gift cards. For example, Target is offering the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with $250 in Target gift cards. Walmart is throwing in $300 worth of gift cards.

2. Smart-home gadgets: Amazon and Google are locked in competition to get their voice-activated assistants into as many homes as possible. But it’s not just about the Echo vs. Google Home. Smart lights, doorbells and security systems will be on sale as well.

3. Smart wearables: Fitness bands and smartwatches will all be deeply discounted, and you’ll be able to get a deal on everything from basic models to the priciest ones. If you don’t need the latest model, consider getting previous-gen models. For example, deals on the Apple Watch Series 3 are scarce. But several retailers are discounting the Series 1. 

4. Computers and tablets: The entire spectrum of tablets and laptops will be on sale, from tablets you want to buy as stocking-stuffers, to high-end gaming laptops and PCs. Know what you want so you don’t have to spend a lot of time researching, and you can save hundreds of dollars.

5. Gaming system bundles: You won’t find many discounts on the newest systems (Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X). But you will find plenty of straight-up discounts on the PS4 and Xbox One S. Even better, look for bundles—the console plus controllers and games.

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