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Severe Weather and Other Emergencies


Occasionally adverse weather conditions or other emergency situations may make it necessary to cancel school, delay the start of school, or send students home early.  When these situations occur, notice will be communicated through the Grand Rapids Area Information Line (GRAIL) to all subscribing area media.

Television:  Check out all their weather tools available such as the weather app, text alerts and email alerts.


Radio: AM:  WGVU 1480, WJNZ 1140, WNWZ 1410, WOOD 1300, WTKG 1230  FM:  WGRD 97.9, WGVU 88.5, WJQK 99.3, WKLQ 94.5, WLAV 96.9, WLHT 95.7, WODJ 107.3, WOOD 105.7 FM, WSNX 104.5, WTRV 100.5, WVTI 96.1

A 2-hour delay means that students will be picked up by the bus approximately 2 hours later than their routine pick-up time.

Morning ECSE and Preschool classes will be cancelled.  With a 2-hour delay in effect, parents, students and staff should monitor the announcements in the event of the delay changing to a cancellation.  The buses will not transport students to the 1st session at the Kent ISD Skill Center when a school delay or cancellation is issued.

Parents and students should not call school officials to see if there will be school since school phones must be open for emergency calls.  In the event of an emergency, the plan outlined below will be followed.

Severe weather watch or warning during school hours:

In the event a tornado watch or severe weather watch is in effect, school will continue with students participating in their usual activities.  Dismissal will occur at regularly scheduled times.

If a tornado WARNING is issued by the US Weather Bureau, students will remain in school and take shelter under the supervision of teachers.  Students may be detained beyond the regular school

dismissal time, until an all-clear is issued.  During a tornado WARNING all after-school activities will be cancelled.

Please review these procedures with your children, and arrange for an alternative shelter home where students can go in the event of an early dismissal or 2-hour delay, if you will not be home.

Emphasize that students should stay off the streets once they reach home.  Review your family’s plan with your children on a regular basis.

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